0 fans ≠ 0 weibo marketing
No fans on weibo account is a nightmare for all weibo marketing agencies. However, 0-fan weibo account can be more influential than those accounts with hundreds of thousands of fans.

A weibo marketer“天风TF” has conducted a test recently.

1. Preparation

He creates a new account, let’s call it A account. “A” account is totally new with no fans and “B” account is a big account with 500 thousand fans. Then they put the same video with different strategy.

2. Result

One day after they put the same video, B account gets 8 700 VV while A gets 17 000 almost twice the former one.

3. Analysis

How can a big account defeated by a fresh account?

  1. B account is more focused mottos not funny video, so the keywords for B account is not funny. On the contrary, A account is much more flexible can adapt everything even changing account name for this video.
  2. The fans of B account are mostly white-collar females who don’t pay a lot of attention to funny stuff. On the other hand, A account published this video in a group which consists of video-lovers.
  3. B account published the video in the afternoon when most its fans are working. At the same time, the video from A account is being viewed by those video lovers who check weibo all the time.
  4. For weibo updates so fast that most posts can only stay on the first page of searching result for no more than 2 seconds, then they can never be found without promotion. Without promotion, the visibility of the video from B account is very low. A account adopt a better optimization to keep the video on the top position in the group.

To sum up, the key for A account to get more VV is

  1. reach precisely the targeted people
  2. make the right optimization for the post.

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