10 Tips for Succes of PR in China

PR (press relations) is a very effective way to communicate in China. Having a good press relations is necessary for creating and maintaining a good image and reputation of a brand. PR in China has some special characteristics and it works in a very different way from the West.

10 tips for success of PR in China

1, PR online are more important in China

The Internet has already linked the daily life of Chinese people and digital world together, people read news on the Internet because they can find what they want to read. Nowadays, most used PR in China is online PR. With over ten thousand online media sources, brands can have many choice to reach their marketing target via online PR.

For example, the number of readers of sina news is more than 200 million per day, that is 50 times more than CanKaoXiaoXi, the newspaper most distribed in China.

2, clear positioning of products and targets

Before the work of PR, you must know around which products or services you want to do the communication, what is its positioning? What is the target?

3, identify the pertinent media for your targets

According to customers special targets, we choose different types of presses, maybe professional in a certain field, maybe tageting on only male or female, etc.

The specialized press relations are very important, a good example is Versailles perfumes. As a perfume brand from France, the main target is women who love beauty. Versailles chooses some special websites for women on fashion, cosmetics, etc. For example, pclady is a specialized press relationship.

4, build good relation (guanxi) with the journalists

The journalists are the people who value directly the product or service, at the same time they are the final deciders of which articles to publish in the front page. As China is a country where Guanxi is very important in almost all the sectors, we need to work on this and adapt the PR strategy to this environment.

In addition, keeping in touch with the press after the publishing is also favorable for the relationship with journalists. We need to continue the following job after an operation. The objective is to assess whether the operations done went well, and see the feedback from journalists. You can always get a lot of valuable information and insight from those journalists after you get a good relation with them.

5, the storytelling works well in China

Chinese people love story, espeically listening to those beautiful stories with a fairy tale ending. Generally, narrative articles and videos are more interesting and attractive, they impress the public much stronger. The storytelling is a good Marketing strategy in China, but there’s a strict standard about the content editing, the narration must be accurate and the key points the product need to be mentioned.

6, associate a communication with the influencers in China

KOL works very well in China, so it is better to combine the strategy of PR with the help of individuals who obtain more media coverage than others in China.

Using a star in the communication can further increase the effect of your PR campaign in China. People in China are more interested in the product for which our faovrable stars like and follow their opinions subconsciously.

 7, work on long-term

After contacting with press reporters, it is important to keep a good relation and a long-term work with them. Because we know better the journalists and the work will be easier. Another point needs to mention is the fact that your contacts in Chinese press/media change their job quite often. If he happens to like you in person, he will introduce you the new contact and bring you to the new magazine where he works. What’s also needs to mention is in this small world, journalists would like to share a customer together, in another word, you know one of them, you know all of them.

8, touch the hearts of Chinese journalists smoothly

In general, editors like original and interesting stuff, but it can be interpreted in as many ways as the editors you are contacting. Thus you need to understand what exact kind of content this editor or magazine like. It can not only help increase the possibility of the publishing, but also save the cost for communication. A good title and a original content are the essential factors for the success of a press article.

9, Adapting the content to each target

Haidilao is one of the most famous restaurant brands in China, a factor of its success is its . It broadcasts different stories to different people through different channels as its online communication strategies.

For example , when a young couple are having dinner at Haidilao, the boy is busy with playing online game with an important friend, in order help him out of between his girlfriend and game, a waiter of Haidilao offers help the boy to play the game.

A girl eats at Haidilao and realizes that her pantyhose was worn-out. A waitress of Haidilao offers freely a new pantyhose to the girl.

A man should go to the station to catch the train after eating at Haidilao, but there is no taxi. The boss of Haidilao takes the customer to the station with his own car.

A customer wants to take a melon away but the waiter stopped him for Haidilao doesn’t allow opened melon taken away. But when the customer left, the waiter gave him a whole melon and apologized to him.

There are many other stories like these spread on the Internet , these stories have the different characters like young couples or businessmen. It tells in a low voice to the readers that if you are young couple or businessmen, you will be treated very well here in Haidilao. Content is a very important tool when you want to attract the different targets.

10, Working in partnership with an agency

Maintain a good PR is important, and it is also hard and complicated work with many details we should notice. It is necessary to work in partnership with a professional PR agency.


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