Nowadays, e-commerce is increasing in China and the online customers don’t only look for interesting deals, but also an excellent checkout process. And one mistake in the process car make them abandon the online Purchase.

So, it’s very important to improve the website to avoid these mistakes and provide a good shopping experience to the customers.


Not adapt the sites to Smartphones

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The Mcommerce is increasing in China, and more and more people use mobiles functions to buy online. A stat shows that mobile buyers represent 14,59 billion dollars in the world. In 2017, this number will more than double, to 30,66 billion.


The websites design has become important and a necessity. So, you have to optimize you website to small screen size and for a better using experience on Smartphone. Statistics say that 78% of the users think that the look of the website on mobile has a huge impact on their buying decision. E-Commerce websites who are not optimized for a mobile use will surely lose potential sells.


Not retarget your visitors


In China, ecommerce customers don’t buy for their first visit. According to AdRoll, 98% of buyers visit for one time and don’t come back, and that is where companies have to improve themselves, for example in letting products that he selected in their shopping cart. Retailers use many different ways for that, including a personalization of the offer for a limited time.




Not leveraging the power of visuals

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« A picure is worth than 12 words » ; visuals are very important pour the Ecommerce websites. Chinese customers can’t touch the product when they buy online, and providing high quality pictures and videos has become essential. A comScore study revealed that when a product has a presentation video, 64% of the visitors are more likely to buy, and stay on the websites two more minutes.


For most of e-commerce sites in China, providing a video for each product is impossible, but there are other solutions like 360 degree view of the products.


Not using the power of social medias


According to a stat, 93% of the online searches in China are done on search engines like Baidu and 68% of the customers look for the companies on social medias before buying.

So, a strategy around social medias is very important to increase its customers community creating a brand awareness. 78% of the customers say that companies posts on social medials influence their purchases


Besides, using social medias is very strategic pour ecommerce websites because customers wait quick answers on social medias and use it to find feedbacks quickly. So, more than the half of ecommerce users are influenced by social medias, and ignoring them influe on their buying decision.


Not optimizing E-Commerce Chinese websites for SEO

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It’s very important to optimize websites for chinese search engines like Baidu to increase its sells. In fact, if your website isn’t showing up when people search on a search engine, nobody will buy your products, so it’s important to optimize your website for search engines.


For that, it’s important to make sure that the structure of your website is well done, and that the content is relevant. Key words are also very important.


Ineffective « call-to-action »

Call-to-action buttons plays a very important part in sells increase in China, by grabbing visitors attention. They guide them, and help them in their visit. If you don’t have call-to-action buttons on you main page, users will quickly leave you website because they will be lost.


The most common mistake is to put so much call-to-action buttons on each page, this will make visitors confused. The principal goal for an ecommerce website is to make a sell, donc these buttons must be sales-centric.


Not providing an online support

One of the biggest reasons why some chinese visitors leave quickly an online website without buying is that they don’t know who they have to ask for informtions. So, it’s important to offer an online help service, a chat, to answer to questions and resolve problems.


Poor product page design

The page product is the most important thing for chinese ecommerce websites because they play an important role on the buying decision. Well designed pages will improve the customer visit, and will give him important informations, and it’s important to explain them why it’s better to buy you product and not competitor’s. The mistake to avoid is to copy and past the product’s description without bringing detailed informations on what customers give importance to when they buy something.


Check the Tmall Page of Beats by Dr Dre

product Page China





Slow loading pages

It’s as important for a retail store to have a fast moving checkout line, as for a website to load pages faster. Stats says that every second of waiting can reduces conversion rate by 7%.


A slow loading website will not only affect the customer experience but also ranking in search engines. A friendly interface is important, but if your website doesn’t charge quickly, the user will leave it quickly without buying.


Not doing A/B Tests

A/B testing is very important for ecommerce websites in China to know what works et what doesn’t works. It represents a good way to improve de customer experience.

An ecommerce website asks more than a simple selection of products and a link to buy. So, avoid these mistakes if you want to increase your online sales.



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