We have just begun the new Chinese New Year Monkey 2016! Lunar New Year’s Eve is one of the most ancestral holidays in China and what is linked to ancestral is a tradition.

You have probably heard about this red envelope, the traditional dinner with minimum 10 dishes around the table to share with the family…etc. You can actually add new modern touches to these traditions. Let’s go check the 10 new consumption trends we could see for Chinese New Year: food, decoration, red envelope and activities.

1) Dinner time: Delivery of roasted pork

CNY meal

This delicious entire roasted pork that Chinese people usually eat for Chinese New year can be directly delivered to your place, heat it, serve it and taste it!

 2) International meals

Be creative and try different tastes for your Chinese new year’s meal! Lobsters, wine and steak from overseas, Chinese specialties depending on provinces in China such as dim sum from Guangzhou…etc.

3) A Chef for your dinner at home

You can enjoy fresh overseas products and cooking experience by directly asking for a Chef at your own place.

 4) Home decorations

Every piece of decoration in your home in red? Yes but in addition to this, decorate your home with the animal of the year. For the Monkey New Year: monkey pillow and toys!

5) Fireworks

The traditional fireworks set in front of houses to get rid of evil spirits! Forget about the smell and the big steam produced from those fireworks. You can order your e-fireworks online that are popping and lighting up!

6) E-Red envelope

CNY red enveloppe

You can either choose to give money in the traditional red paper envelope or send it in a digital way with a message wish through Wechat or Alipay.

7) Offering Gifts

You can hand out red envelope with money inside but they are not the only gift option. Many brands use Wechat as a way to send personalized e-gifts to the users: e-cards or e-gift, for example, scarves.

 8) Watching live TV shows

This year, you don’t only turn on your TV to watch shows on CCTV. When watching TV shows, you can win red envelopes which would be directly credited on your Alipay.

9) Let’s go to the temple

Alibaba’s Taobao bring you into its marketplace temple fair online.

10) Travelling

The new tradition is also to go traveling abroad to enjoy Chinese New Year by discovering other cultures and traditions overseas.


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