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10 Reasons to choose us as an SEO agency (Search Engine Optimization) in China !

1 – Very competitive prices

We have very competitive rates. We have a young, dynamic and professional team of SEO axperts.

Like other young ambitious agencies, we hope to bring you the best quality service with competitive price … We are aiming for long-term cooperation with a Win-Win strategy, we make money when you also do.



2-50 % guaranteed results:

We are a results oriented agency . We perform a qualitative background work so you have maximum visibility . We guarantee our results, at least 50% within a time limit agreed with our customers.


3 – Understanding and compliance of Baidu rules

We spend part of our free time to analyze the behavior of the search engine Baidu, and for 3 years we have been working for customers who all have the same goal: to get on the first page of Baidu.

Our publications hopefully show our knowledge of Baidu and expertise. Here



4 – Writing (or translation ) of unique content

We work on writing and updating content for our clients’ sites in order to attract qualified visitors.

Our content is original content (not copy- paste and not Google translated )


5 – A keywords study is provided before any operation

SEO is more than a philosophy a rigorous working method, which means to understand the rules of a search engine, to develop a strategy , than to act and to measure the results (source). Before rushing on keywords that bring you no traffic or quotation requests, we study the lexical field and suggest you the best keywords



6 – One project manager by customer

This allows you to have a better monitoring, and a report is given each month. If  possible we also like to share business issues with our clients, and support them in their Internet marketing .


7 A high level of expertise

We have a level of expertise that is not limited to Onsite optimization. We work on the entire project: Structure, Content, Backlinks , Updates and enhancing the reputation of the site.


We specialize in SEO on Baidu, and we try to do it good, and avoid to offer a range of services that we are not able to do, by outsourcing to other agencies .



8 – “White” but effective SEO

We try to offer SEO as “clean” as possible, while adapting to Chinese characteristics , especially in terms of quantity of Backlinks . We are working on Baidu but our results are also visible on Google on long term.

We focus on quality of links over quantity, knowing that a certain number of links is required to reach the pole position. (more information on this consulting company )



9 – First on ” Baidu SEO “

If we are the first to rank on ” Baidu SEO ” it is not by chance … Google ” knows ” that we are specialists.

Hoping that we will stay longer. 😉


10 – For we are the only French agency specialized on Baidu in China.

Baidu SEO for foreign and French companies remains a micro niche market, still underexploited by companies wishing to expand commercially in China.

There are many Chinese agencies that make SEO on Baidu , hundreds of thousands, with heterogeneous quality as usual in China.

= > There are serious agencies … (few but they exist)

= > Then there is the Black Hat agencies , a majority selling mass of links .

= > And finally, agencies who rip off… do nothing and leave with the deposit.

So you’re convinced ? You have my email, we can take an appointment on skype, you can explain me your project and your goals and then we talk about it.

Please Only serious requests


10 Reasons to choose us as a SEO Agency in China !


Olivier VEROT

Marketing China