Sometimes you do not really know which agency best suits your brand, your business or your targets. To help you to make your decision, we have created the top 10 reasons why you should choose our agency.

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A Team with International Background

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is made up of a group of Chinese and French people, who are dynamic in marketing and strategic planning. Led by Olivier Verot, the chief marketing advisor who has been working professionally for 7 years in China, and Philip Qian, Chief SEO and Digital Marketing Operator, the culturally-mixed team are working harmoniously, learning from and complementing each other.

It is believed that with a multi-cultural background, the team of Gentlemen Marketing Agency will understand the clients’ requests better as well as operating more smoothly in the China market.

Here’s an example of how the team is working: AigueMarine is a Tourism Agency with French DNA. The French part of Gentleman Marketing understands the job in-hand and the client’s style of work better, whilst the Chinese team has more experience and knowledge of the market. The two teams have worked together in planning a customised Marketing Plan and Schedule for the client prior to the start of the operation to make sure the vision is practical and effective. Once the work starts, the international team focuses more on client consultancy and communication while the Chinese team put their efforts into their specialized fields – the planning and management.



Wechat MarketingFocus on What We Are Good At

Different to many current marketing agencies, Gentlemen Marketing focuses exclusively on the certain fields of work they are experts in: SEO & SEM, E-Reputation Management, Strategic Planning and Scheduling, Community Management and Social Media Marketing, Marketing Campaign Planning and Execution Assistance.

Thanks to a clear understanding of the advantages and expertise of the team, the agency believes that a more concentrated scope leads to a more effective and efficient work, which tends to generate better outcomes.

There are many cases of success to name because of the great profession and effective work that the agency has provided, however all the solutions provided for the clients are clear and focusing instead of trying to covering every field.



Community managementSystematic and Standard in Operation

To work out effective KPIs together with clients is the promise the agency provides. The KPIs will then be broken into different subheadings and used to guide and measure each team member’s work to make sure the requests of the client are met perfectly as promised. The internal management and job assignment are systematic: while the two Chinese supervisors are leading their team working on different fields of daily marketing executions with the support from the International team, Philip is managing the whole progress above the two supervisors. Olivier himself leads the International  team. Through his great experience in the Chinese market as well as localising an international brand into China, he and his team work efficiently in strategic planning, communication facilitating, sales and client maintenance. All of these are built on consistent training, seminars, trials the agency has been hosting specifically based on each team member’s background and situation, to ensure their valuable contribution.



Taste of Aesthetic

As mentioned above, the operations and management of the agency are trust-worthy, while the team’s aesthetics are another advantage that will benefit the marketing process.

With the proper training as well as the culture complementing, the agency team has a fairly high level of aesthetic taste. This benefits the content creation, creativity and daily operations. Clients are also able to get advises that is more reasonable for success. This is the reason why the agency has been able to provide good service to brands such as Avene, Vogue France, Lancome etc. who are selective in brand taste and style positioning.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency


Experience in Serving Global Clients

The agency’s ability to serve global brands comes from the mix of Chinese and Western cultures, but more importantly from the philosophy of the business. Olivier and Philip, the two founders of the agency are open-minded and driven. Both of them have a deep understanding of western cultures and methods as well as adequate experience in China marketing industry, leading the agency working in a more global-recognized and –acceptable standard. More information about our clients here

Client Marketing


Knowledge in Digital Marketing


The agency has never been lacking of professional knowledge in what they are doing: Olivier and Philip, both have a background in digital marketing and built their name by writing valuable blogs for digital marketing operations and adaptations. The articles they have produced have been spread and are respected as the most effective digital marketing advice on-line among brand owners and built up a number of readers and followers.

The team members are also powerful in their own fields. Here are a few examples: Hui Hui is a well-educated copywriter and PR generator, content she has developed has been widely accepted and spread among the target groups many times; Marcus is specialized in SEO & SEM strategies and operations, his great experience in this industry has made him a respected leader in providing professional guidance and advice; Vivian graduated from a French University , having done a major in Communication Management, she is responsible for communication management and on-line PR operations within the team and has contributed greatly for the progress of each project.


Partnering with Instead of Working for the Clients

The agency believes it will work better when partnering with the brands and clients. This means the agency needs to think from the angle of clients, to explain in the client’s logic, in order to report and adjust with deep client involvement and to take responsibilities as much as clients.

With this philosophy, Gentlemen Marketing is the best eyes and ears of the clients in China and will be closely following the progress, connecting the clients seamlessly to the Chinese market as well as their daily operations.



High-valued Choice

The price of the agency’s service is lower than most of the international digital marketing agencies and close to the average line of the Chinese local agencies. The service it provides is cost-effective. Both the Chinese team or the International team are very efficient, as long as they are involved into the project, clear KPIs will be made for them with a timetable of achievement; furthermore, the team leaders usually have very high requirements for results, which puts pressure on everyone’s work. There is no one working slowly in the office.



Olivier VEROTFast Response and Reaction

As the partner of the brands and clients, the agency stands by for most of the time to make sure that any clients’ request or change is well responded to and dealt with. Market conditions and clients’ requests are always changing, a great speed of responding and solution providing helps the agency not only provide a great service, but at the same time assists the clients to avoid mistakes and catch the fleeting chances of success.

There are so many times that the team is responding and resolving clients’ requests and problems during their out-of-office hours. There are also so many times that the team is assisting clients and the brands with their own resources to achieve the result. It must be said that not only the professions, but also the attitudes determine the success of an agency.



Effective Resources and Networks

Having worked closely with various media and corporations, the agency has built a reliable network both in terms of resource utility and database exchange. From the SEO community where thousands of SEO & SEM professionals are sharing and exchanging resources, to Shanghai TV, Sina or Vogue, Gentlemen Marketing Agency is influential and effective among media, distributors, various corporations, KOLs and influencers, forums and other online platforms. All of the resources here could be used to largely benefit the landing or expanding of the brands in China’s market.


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