Have you taken the right steps to attract more traffic from Baidu? In fact, this is one of the most happening search engine domain that has been attracting a major percentage of potential clients for business, especially operating in China. Since Google is not that much popular in China, as it is in the rest of the world, a business operating from China must need to devise some effective SEO strategies that might bring surefire results for taking your site at the top.

how to Achieve Higher Ranks on Baidu ?

So here we have come up with ten great tips that will surely bring your business website at the top of Baidu search results.


1. Content in local language

While your target market in China, there’s no better idea than to use a simple local language for the content of the site. Mandarin is highly preferable. Webmasters at baidu believes it’s one of the best SEO tips to keep yourself at better position in the search results.

2. Avoid censored stuff

Baidu is extremely intolerant towards censored stuff. In other words, you have to avoid explicit content that might directly affect the interest of the Chinese Government. It also involves that you have to avoid linking your content to other blogs or articles that have such content. It will affect your rank in Baidu while penalising you as a spam site.

3. Get quality inbound links

Among the most basic practices of Baidu, getting quality backlinks is one of the most important aspects. Instead of quality , Baidu focuses on quality. Quality links are likely to give you quality traffic that might convert to sustainable leads. No wonder you can fetch a goodrank in Baidu.

4. Internal Anchor text

The same is true with Google as well. The anchor text of the url plays the key role in making quality links. So when you link your text with targeted keywords, make sure that it is in simplified Chinese, so that it can instantly attract the Baidu crawlers. Resort to Backlink Analysis and Link Popularity tools to analyze if the campaign is going in the right direction

5. Originality is the key to success

Undoubtedly, it is a global fact. Like Google, Baidu is simply intolerant to plagiarised content and once a site is found with these issues, it’s instantly penaliseddd. A best way is to use Duplicate Content or WSA Spider tools to identify duplicate stuff in your site.

6. Website dedicated for China

Undoubtedly it has posed a tough competition to the world leader Google and in China it’s presence can never be ignofred in any way. But, when based in China and is mainly catering the country-based business, special treatment is required. And, what could be better than building a completely new and dedicated website.

7. Phoenix Nest PPC Creates Successful Campaign

Instead of organic ways, it’s better to invest in Baidu paid search strategies as it returns positive traffic while build up your organic ranks

8. Strategies’ link building

When it comes to Baidu link building is extremely creative. Focus on getting links from Chinese hosted websites only that have aurhentic and established authority. The Backlink Hunter tool is a great means to help you in this regard.

9. On-page optimization

Following the footsteps of Google, baidu also gives special focus on on-page optimization, like title tags, meta description, alt tags and keyword headings. Apart from using simplified Chinese language, avoid using Pin Yin拼音. To get best results, make the best use of Keyword Analyzer and Web SEO Analysis tools.

10. Domain hosting should be localized

There’s nothing better than local hosting to get higher ranks in Baidu. While optimizingfor Baidu, avoid world famous Google webmaster tools, folders and subdomains. Make sure your domain is hosted in China and that too on top level domains like .cn or .com.cn.

So, waste time no more! Invest on this expert tips to reap the fruits of success through Baidu search.


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