Cosmetic brands in China, such a special market

Chinese consumers are more and more attracted by home-grown cosmetics. Actually, Chinese girls want to take care of their skin and that’s why they shift their products every seasons. Consequenlty, cosmetics brands have to adapt their strategy. Thus, they need to know the Chinese market which could be very difficult if they don’t follow some advice.

In fact, 10 features have to be known for your cosmetics brand’s success.



  • An effective distribution, and a Distribution Business Model 



In China, you can find many shopping malls or supermarkets which are able to welcome your cosmetics brand within big cities. Therefore, it is not easy to find a good distributor in China. Indeed, distributors’ trade strategy is special in China. They won’t distribute your products if your brand doesn’t work among Chinese consumers. Your cosmetics goods need to have good e-reputation, positionning on the Chinese market…

Chinese distributors received few suppliers’ demands. That’s why, you are not indispensable. They don’t negociate and make only their job.

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  1. Internet’s visibility : Online Branding 


Chinese consumers are very connected. Actually, they are always browsering on the internet in order to find their favourite products. They love findind offers, promotions, reduction coupons. In addition, especially regarding the cosmetics products, they are very sensitive to the word of mouth and need to have some advice from their friends, family or community to purchase something. Internet is a huge information’s area and the most effective way to increase your cosmetics’ brand reputation.


  1. Social Media in China to connect with your consumers



The last years, this feature is the largest Chinese users’ entertaining and is still progressing in China. Indeed, as said above, Chinese consumers live in a connected World where they spend a lot of time on their smartphone. They need to innovation and authenticity. That’s why, you have to take the opportunity of it by creating a Wechat account. Actually, today, Wechat gets over 600 million of registered users. The famous platform will enable you to increase your cosmetics brand’s awareness by converting your target to follow you and become your page’s membership.

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In addition, Weibo is the largest miccroblogging platform in China. Indeed, Chinese users get the most of information on this social media. They will share, comment, discuss about your contents that will boost your e-reputation.


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  1. Viral Marketing Campaign to 


The way you use to attract the Chinese consumers are very important. Some solutions exist and one of the most efficient is create a campaign on social medias. That is a part of games you can set up to entertain your target. For example with it “free start” campaign, the famous brand Nike challenged followers by offering them to take photos of their favourite subjects, objects or landscapes which they send to the app. The brand returns them sneakers customized regarding to the photographs sent. So, that is an excellent way to boost your registered account rate. Also, you can set up an event by inviting all your followers to participate it such as Mont Blanc brand which gained further 1000 members.

Example SKII in China, just Brillant

  1. E-commerce : 25% of cosmetics Products are sold online n China


Nowadays, many online cosmetics’ platforms exist in China. Moreover, Chinese consumers are totally fond of cosmetics products especially if they can find its online because they have advice and comments. These areas allow you to send your products directly to customers such as Jumei or Lefeng. You can use other platforms like Tmall or Alibaba which are less oriented but as effective as cosmetics ones.


Then, today, it is possible to use the e-commerce too through Wechat thanks to Wechat Wallet function. Chinese consumers are able to pay with their credit or debit card directly your cosmetics purchase. This Wechat function is a further entertainment for Chinese customers.


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  1. Ads’ impact : to get trust


Chinese consumers are very sensitive to the good ads. Indeed, don’t hesitate to promote your brands by using entertaining tools. Using videos is a very attractive tool which enables you to showcase your cosmetics products by testing on skin’s people who are happy to try it and very smiling.


  1. Use famous people : give credibility of your products

Loreal ads

If one of your cosmetics good is used by a star, that will boost your brand’s awareness. Indeed, that proves your quality’s product especially if you choose a Chinese celebrity. Actually, Chinese girls have not the same expectations concerning skincare creams and want to ligthen their skin aspect without tanning. That’s why, they adapt their favourite products regarding to weather and seasons.  


  1. Opinion leaders can help you: give them reason to buys

Chen Man is famous Photographer

dewy glow dps 120810


In e-marketing, opinion leaders exist aim at help you to promote your brand. Indeed, as said above, Chinese customers are very attracted by their community’s minds. These leaders can be popular bloggers or celebrities who give their advice and help customers to find the perfect products adapted to their skin or their expectations.


  1. Understand Chinese consumers needs


When you want to penetrate the Chinese market, the most crucial point is to know your target. Thus, for your cosmetics brands, generally, your products are oriented to the Chinese girls. Then, you have to understand their expectations and regularly update your information. Actually, Chinese market is shifting and you need to stay inform and focus in order to not to miss any trends.


  1. Know the Market’ trends


As it consumers, the Chinese Market is changing every day especially regarding cosmetics trends. Indeed, you have to be careful on tools you use to attract your target or to increase your brand’s popularity. In China, Marketing Agencies exist in order to help you to be aware about innovation concerning the Chinese market and new ways existing. In addition, you are not alone on the cosmetics market in China, you are fighting against strong competitors. That’s why it is important to know all features about your market to be good positioning.


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