10 ways to boost your cosmetics sales in China


Each sector has its specificities: sales are different for each sector in stores or online. In fact a consumer going to a mobile website won’t have the same needs as a customer who goes to a cosmetics website. Today we show you 10 ways to boost your sales in the cosmetics field for e-business.

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  1. SEO, Search Engine Optimization

Good SEO is necessary in every field. In fact when you do a search on a search engine, you will find many results, and usually the user watches the first page and sometimes the second page. SEO enables you to rank higher in the search and to appear in the first pages. Moreover it can represent 2à% to 90% of a traffic website. SEO is usually free, on the opposite of SEM, because it can be made by the company itself or by a webmarketing company for example.

In the cosmetics field we find some e-business websites ranking higher than brands websites, which means that in this case SEO is very important, with onsite and keywords optimization. (more information here)

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 2. SEM

SEM, or Search Engine marketing, is also a way to rank higher on search engines. But this time, you pay for it, and your website appears in the sponsored links. In this case you buy special keyword, and when a user does a search on these keywords, you pay when he clicks on your link.



But SEM can be very expensive, and it purpose is more to enhance the image of the company because the ROI is usually quite low.


3. Create buzz

Cosmetics industry is a field full of innovation. In fact the competition is tough and many products appear all the time. You need then to mark the consumer’s mind, and this is why creating buzz is very effective.

What Chinese companies do:

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Or Chanel with bigger budget:

chanel ads marketing china

The purpose of creating buzz is to mark the consumer’s mind on a long term perspective, in order to let him associate the brand with something else than the 100th make up sold. Moreover creating buzz enable to touch a large part of population. Don’t forget that there are in China almost 600 million internet users.


4. Social Media

Social media became essential for brands in China. In fact many blogs and forum now take the social media as main source of information, instead of the traditional media. Consumers prefer to trust other internet users giving their opinions on products. Exchanges between internet users are very fast and very important, especially in the cosmetics field.

Chinese people are very sensitive to components and effects of beauty products. A lot of Chinese consumers like to go to check blogs and social media before buying a product, in order to have other consumer’s opinion.


Social media are a very interactive communication tool, and enable you to touch a big part of the population through word of mouth.

It is then through satisfied customers that brands can gain new customer’s confidence.


 5. Contests

Contests enable you to acquire new customers and increase the loyalty of current customers. It’s moreover a good way to incite customers to give you information about their consuming habits.

This tool allows you to gain traffic to your website. Contests also allow you to get easily email address, and then to create a customer data base. But you have to know that Chinese people don’t have the same use of emails, and they usually prefer instant messaging.

But contests have other value. In fact they can incite the consumer to get more interest for the brand or the product, asking him to participate to a campaign.

For example the brand “Versailles perfumes” (see here ) created its own contest, asking Chinese girls to take pictures of themselves with Versailles-like dresses. This contest made the popularity of the brand grow in China.


6. E-reputation

Chinese pay attention a lot of a website’s e-reputation. In fact customer service is very important for them, and shows how serious a company is. A good customer service can influence customers and incite them to buy from a brand. In the cosmetics field new customers need to be reassured especially concerning the components and the effect of a product.

The possibility to share opinions proves to the other consumers that the brand doesn’t hide the consumer’s expression. The direct access to consumer’s opinion can promote other customer’s confidence. Internet users don’t need to do more research.



 7. Online promotions

Online promotions are a good way to encourage Chinese customers to make purchase. In fact they always look for good deals, and they like to see the difference between an in-store price and an online price. In the cosmetics field there are some rules to follow: the promotions have to be visible and clear, and there must be a lot of information justifying the promotion in order to reassure the consumer.

Moreover the promotions have to leave an impression of good deal. The more the consumer has the feeling he made a good deal, the more he will remember the brand and the product. Often there is a notion of urgency in the promotion in order to boost sales or to encourage compulsive purchase.


8. An easy way to pay

Chinese people are very suspicious towards e-business website, especially when it comes to payment. Thus safety of payment is very important. The more a website is safe, the more the customer will focus on the brand and on the product. In order to reassure the customer don’t hesitate to use famous payment platforms, such as Alipay which is very well known in China.


The shorter the buying act is, the more the consumer won’t have the feeling to waste time, and will focus on choosing the product. The information must be visible, clear and precise.


9. Respect the Chinese standards

Chinese consumers prefer simple and easy to use websites. It is better to respect some Chinese standards such as the Chinese characters, a clear design, and no useless information. In the cosmetics field it is important to find the maximum information very fast, about the product and the buying conditions, so that the user won’t have the feeling to waste time, and won’t go to another website to look for information.

 Example: Tmallcosmetique-taobao

see also other trends  here


10. Highlighting of the product

Access to information concerning the product is important because Chinese consumers don’t like to waste time looking for information. And in the cosmetics field many information is necessary to the consumer, such as effects, components, but also colors… The internet user has to be reassured quickly and efficiently.

For more information you can also read this article about the 10 key success factors for a cosmetic brand in China.


 Olivier VEROT

Marketing China