Brands can gain a strong competitive advantage including popular websites in China into their digital strategy.

The busiest websites and social platforms can provide many opportunities to companies.

China has the world’s second largest economy and will become the largest in 2016. Due to this fast growth, the disposable incomes of Chinese consumers are increasing and therefore China is attracting the attention of global brands.


Brands which are focused their efforts in the Chinese market, are prioritizing digital channels in order to increase their presence.

The Asian giant has over than 560 million internet users and they spend a big number of hours on the network. That is the reason why companies should know which are the most popular websites in China.

Sina Weibo:

Is one of the most popular microblogging platforms in China which features and appearance remember to their American counterpart Twitter. One of their similarities is that Sina Weibo also limits its members to type only 140 characters, nonetheless, for Mandarin language this involves around 70 words and that means that Chinese have the chance to write large posts. Sina Weibo account with more than 600 million registered users and around 66.6 million users daily.


Tencent Weibo:

Tencent Weibo is a microblogging site similar to Sina Weibo which was created by Tencent in 2010. However, Tencent is considered like the second player. Perhaps, the main difference between these microblogging platforms is that Sina’s users mostly belong to China’s wealthiest cities, that means first and second tier cities, while Tencent users are from poorer cities or rural areas.


Through this site, members can share pictures, videos and also allows write only 140 character limit.

Tencent QZone:

This social platform was launched in 2005 by Tencent, nowadays is one of the largest socal media website in China. Qzone enables users to customize their blogs, share pictures, play games and listem to music. Qzone includes QQ, an instant messaging application.


In 2014, the number of Qzone members has increased up to 645 million monthly active users.

Maybe, the success of this blogging platform reside in its privacy. Qzone enables members to have a profile more private than in others similar platforms. For instance, Qzone users can share their profile only with the people they want.

Tencent WeChat:

WeChat is known for being WhatsApp’s competitor but actually is more than that. The Tencent’s platform is not only a messaging application, besides chatting WeChat includes features such as shopping, gaming, and even banking.


With 432 million monthly active users and its influence in the Chinese daily life, WeChat is nowadays considered as a powerful tool to brands in order to catch and engage consumers.


RenRen is a Chinese social network which is known as the Chinese equivalent of Facebook. This social platform account with 219 million active users.


RenRen allows user to create a private profile where they can post information about themselves. Through this site, members can connect and communicate with others, share information, generate content, play online game and watch videos. Its many features allow RenRen to be an important channel for brands that want to reach Chinese customers.


Kaxin is another Facebook-like social platform but with a different target audience than RenRen. Kaixin is focused in older and more professional users, while RenRen is aimed at students and young people.



PengYou is another Chinese site similar to Facebook developed by Tencent and which name means “Friend”. This platform has more than 259 million registered users, more than RenRen, however the number of active users is smaller.



YouKu is considered like the Chinese Youtube and is one of the leading streaming video sites in China. The monthly users number reaches more than 500 million and account with over 800 million daily video views. Due to its success, a huge number of brands have struck content partnerships with Youku in order to gain the biggest number of viewers as possible.



Taobao is the largest online marketplace in China with more than 800 million shoppers and around 7 million merchants.



Baidu is the most popular search engine in China with more than 530 monthly active users and over 750 million web pages. Baidu is a very important part of the Chinese daily life because is the first place where Chinese population utilize to search information. In addition, Baidu includes pictures, music and news.

Nowadays, there are more people than ever who are using internet, therefore digital strategy is considered as an essential tool for any company in China. Using the web to better connect with costumers is critical to improve your business in China.

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