China has a millennia old culture and benefits from a fast paced development. This country has stolen the spotlight but it is not just for nothing. Here are a few of its cultural treasures to show you that China is not all about modern China. Enjoy the ride and let us know what you think!

China has a cultural wealth that can not be ignored



Chinese characters

They are the pillar of the Chinese writing system. They are not an alphabet but more like the fundamental expression of simple ideas like :

日for the sun. A long time ago this was actually the drawing of a sun.

This simple can express a wide variety of subtle meanings with only two characters. It is said that there are around 50000 Chinese characters but only an average of 6000 are commonly used by Chinese people

Calligraphy is the art of expressing the beauty of the characters through patient mastery of each strokes using brush and ink.


The dragon


This imaginary serpent like beast is the symbol of power in China. Ancient Emperor would often bear it on their clothing.

Traditional Chinese medicine

chinese medicine

At least 2000 years old, traditional Chinese medicine is a mix of different practices including phytotherapy, massages, qigong among others. Regarding qigong, while walking in the Chinese parks you can often see people exercising in the early morning or late evening.

Chinese porcelain


Chinese porcelain is the most well-known and one of the best in the world for its waterproof quality and its design. It is also one of the most well known Chinese art forms in the world.

Beijing Opera

opera de pekin

Also called 京剧(Jīngjù), it’s a dramatic art of tremendous renown in China that has still retained a place of choice in the heart of the Chinese at the digital age. Indeed, a lot of films have scenes related to Beijing opera or centered around this theme. For instance farewell my concubine with actress Gong Li by Chen Kaige in 1993

Kung Fu or Wushu


This martial art is comprised of a multitude of combat style that has been developed through the centuries by diverse martial experts. Some of those experts are prominent historical figures that are the pride of the Chinese nationals. The most famous of them is undoubtedly Huo Yuan Jia who according to the stories stayed had never been beaten through his whole life. He was also the founder of the Chin Woo Athletic Association that gathered all the Wushu styles.


The Flag of People’s Republic of China

chinese flag

The red of the flag represents the communist revolution that took place in 1949. The five stars symbolize the unity of the people under the communist party leadership after the founding of the Republic in 1949. This flag has been created by a citizen from Zhejiang province, Zeng Liansong following a demand coming from the new government. After deliberation, Zeng’s design was chosen amongst 38 finalists. Finally, the first flag was hoisted in Beijing by the People Liberation Army in Beijing when the founding of the People’s Republic of China was announced.



A national treasure in China, there are less than 2000 left in the world, making them an endangered species. It is possible to see them in the Sichuan province where programs of protection and reproduction have been launched in order to save the species. Just to tell you how precious they are: two pandas have been landed to a French Zoo, “le zoo de Bauval” after lengthy discussions and the agreement of the Chinese leader himself.

Why understanding Chinese culture when you simply want to do business in China?

As you can see the Chinese culture is very diverse. When you come to China to do business and promote your brand in order to be efficient you need to either :

Understand it


Have experts who do

in order to properly promote your brand in the Chinese market. Once someone said that China is like a pregnant woman, the old China giving birth to the new China. Modern China is trying to keep a balance between the new and the old. It is when your preserve this delicate balance that you can be the most effective at promoting a brand and appealing to the most customers.

Besides, understanding another culture helps to broaden one’s mind. In turn, this can help start thinking outside of the box for more original strategies and personal growth!

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