Chinese tourist are radically increasing thanks to the middle class growth. Part of their favorite destinations abroad are France, Thailande, United Stated but also Israël. So amongst the 100 million tourists that travel every year, how many will spend their holiday in the Jewish country ?


Business Opportunities for Israël !

In 2013, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism records an increase of 30% of the Chinese tourism. Daily, Chinese tourist spend about 210€ per day in Israël if souvenir aren’t included. It’s particularly thanks to the bilateral cooperation’s idea of Amir Halevy that over 30 000 Chinese visited Israel last year. This law encouraged tourism through Chinese touristic guide recruitment, special excursion creation, visa application for Chinese visitors reform and direct flight between China and Ben Gourion airport.


With the huge growth of Chinese tourist around the world, the development of bilateral exchange is essential. The goal of Israël is to attract 40 000 new Chinese tourists in 2017 and over 100 000 in 2020.

How to attract these tourists ?

Israël has yet to go to the right place and use the right methods to attract Chinese tourists.

Israël has the need to have a lasting visibility in the tourism sector, show its beauties and advantages, what would make it a dream destination.

For that to happen the first step would be to design a website on the Chinese Internet

Then, once that is done, the websites made by the Israeli tourist agencies would need a SEO/SEM campaign in order to raise the websites visibility and therefore the destination’s. To be efficient fairly quickly it would be necessary to first start with a SEM campaign putting such website at the top of the list with the right keywords. However this can be very costly on the long run so you need a SEO campaign that will raise your traffic slowly but naturally. This part is the most cost effective. Once it has reached a certain point the SEM campaign will cease to be cost effective since the SEO campaign will have raised your natural results to a significant level on its own.

After this a strong community would need to be built in order to spread the word about the country and its most favoured destination. In China at least 50% of the Internet users have a social media account which means that it is very useful to use social media to help building a strong community of travellers.Add to the latter  some community management and you can help spread good word about the destination.

In the mean time famous Chinese celebrities should be invited in order to attract their numerous followers. This is also an efficient mean to attract new tourists : some of those celebrities have millions of followers on Weibo, the Chinese twitter. This is a powerful focus of attention.



For information about how SEO works and how Israël traveling agencies could do their campaign go here and take a look