Last week, Jingdong celebrated their 11th anniversary. To mark the occasion, they decided to set up a big 618 promotion party. Therefore, on June 18th, they launched « 618 Stars Surprise » campaign, where a number of stars were representing their brand by delivering to the customers. Even Liu Qiangdong, the CEO and Founder of the website was part of the adventure !



In addition of the delivery amusement that surprised clients who ordered brands like Yang shoes, Dell, Borel… and saw the designer of the brand gave them their purchasing in person, Jingdong also had a special theme for their 618 anniversary : « Save Money ». They realized 618 different short commercial movies in order to attract the sympathy of consumers and also extract them a smile in this marketing war.

This campaign is really creative and we haven’t seen such a think in China before. « How much money you could save » was the initial project they wanted to do but finally, they realized that « save money » didn’t need to make people over think and just teach them simply and in a fun way how to save money instantaneously.

This campaign attracted a lot of attention. Firstly because it is enjoyable to watch, it is related to everyday life moments and it is very original. We could see some of the commercials on television, on Sina and other major video sites but also posted on Weibo and other social media platforms.

If you want to make your own opinion and give a good laugh to your friends, here are some of the commercial you can find. Here are only few of them, but we believe if you have time to kill, this is a good way to start !

This campaign is sure to generate a lot of good buzz and positive reactions from all of those who have seen it. Indeed you have everything you need in a good marketing campaign : Key Opinion Leaders, Multimedia content as seen above and the use of social networks to attract the attention of the community. No doubt that this campaign used in parallell with a renewed SEO campaign will attract a great many more customers to the brand. Time will tell how successful that campaign has been

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