WeChat Best Practices report


A WeChat report was published in december of this year on chinese website www.199it.com, showing behavior and performance of 3.485 wechat public account in 18 industry sectors between July 1st andSeptember 30. These sectors are automobiles, banks, ecommerce, smartphone, luxury, beauty, personnal care, home appliance…

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Unfortunately, this website seems now closed. However, we succeed to save some datas such as graphics by screenshots on website.

 nombre de posts

  • This report is showing that 133 post has been published every hours, whether 3.198 per day, and 98.059 per month.


Wechat pic d'activité

  • WeChat Public Account are posting generaly more the Wednesday and the Friday, between 4 PM and 7PM





  • These statistics are showing a top of activity every Friday between 6AM and 7 AM and between 7PM and 8PM. That is matching with moments where internet users are waking up or are going to work, and when thwecchat heure pic d'activitéey are leaving.


Wechat Figures

Several statistics are confirming WeChat popularity, still growing. The mobile plateform is the best choice in order to create marketing campaign, CRM, and “one-to-one” communication. Some brands understood that and use more and more H5 to reach a large audience.

The H5 on WeChat allows to create some interactive pages for users, creating some different effects on their smartphone. This is a new interact form which is more and more succeed on social media.

Wechat what are the Key Factors of success ?

On Chinese social media, you can lead a successfull marketing campaign on the basis of many important factors:

  • Factor key of Success
  • How to realize an effective SEO campaign on Baidu
  • online reputation and Social media such as WeChat, Weibo… the most important for internet users is ” word of mouth “. You have to know that Chinese people are suspicious because of so much counterfeits products for sale. So they trust their friends, their families, and some opinions on products written by others consumers before buying anything. So, be carefull to your e-reputation, and work on it.
  • Let influencers and press speak about you and discover your company.


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