Hallyu : The Korean influence flowing to China!

Hallyu, the Korean wave that includes Korean pop and television icons, influencing the Chinese shoppers and retailers in china are observing this trend. The demand for products, goods, and services endorsed by Korean artists is soaring high. In addition, the influence of Korean television actors fashion style is huge when shopping for clothes and apparel. Well, it is not just the apparel market, but even food market is feeling this trend, the korean wave or Hallyu!

Korean beer 1

The imports of Korean beer into Chinese market went up by more than 200% over last year, a little investigation in to the causes of this demand reveals that this unprecedented demand was a result of a Korean TV series showing the characters celebrate an occasion with beer. Korean brand alcohols started appearing in Chinese market in a big way, as manufacturers in Korea such as Hite Jinro and OB Beer
started aggressively promoting their products in the Chinese markets. This is not an isolated case.

Another case to prove the point is the shoe manufacturer, when a character in Korean TV series wore Jimmy Choo’s $625 Abel pump model, the demand for these shoes went up , and soon shops went out of stock and no stock boards appeared in every Chinese shoe store for this brand

Korean culture boost sales and revenue in China

Analysts say, these show and pop culture is helping Chinese culture get modern, and westernize. The K-pop groups take inspiration mostly from the American music styles and bands, etc, but adapt to the local themes, and are attracting Chinese. Korea is helping Chinese culture take that leap forward in areas of fashion, sports, food, travel, etc. The influence is so big that new terms such as “Korean Dream,” “Korean Movie Star,” have become fashion statements. Korean names for shopping centers have become a profitable idea for businesses seeking to increase their sales and boost revenues. “Korean Museum, for example is a shopping center in Shanghai, and more than 60% of the shops located there sell clothes inspired by Korean designs, and fashion.

The Wall Street Journal, reported many such incidents, Chinese shops ran out of stock for products such as “Rosy Coral # 52,” a lipstick from the house of Yves Saint Laurent’s, and “Samsonite,” backpack after seeing them on Korean tv shows.

The reason for growing popularity of Korean TV shows in China, according to a newspaper report is the low quality of TV shows made in china, also repeated and boring war aggression storylines, which contain distorted facts, etc.

High quality product with a colorful culture is very appealing to Chinese customers

Many retailers feel, it is not just the international flavor of these Korean style products, but the quality of the products, which is extremely good, is an important reason for the success of K-culture in China. With better fit, deep colors, and fine texture makes Korean style apparel the choice of many Chinese consumers.

Korean retailers too, have started making good use of this popularity of Korean culture promoted by their TV shows in China, a report states that Korean retailers have leased about 4.17% of commercial space in Hongkong. The number of retailers that have opened stores increased three folds, as compared to the last year statistics. Some popular cosmetic brands from Korean such as The Saem, Etude House, Nature republic have set up shops in HongKong.