In addition to experience the classic MINI always worth the price does not drop the spirit of individuality, “creative geeks “MINI CLUBMAN and “bugger family” MINI COUNTRYMAN also be thrown their 2014 zodiac signs. They think it is a MINI is the coolest thing!


MINI human mind is wider, to tolerating the intolerable;

MINI human rejected agenda as a mountain drove up the mountain and enjoy the intimate nature;

MINI human are funny elves, but forthright.


So in 2014, you Zodiac is MINI, then the most loyal to their own.

MINI promotional advertising.

Even if the price but also insisted on a high-profile position.

2014, My Zodiac is MINI-1 2014, My Zodiac is MINI-22014, My Zodiac is MINI-4


2014, My Zodiac is MINI-5 2014, My Zodiac is MINI-3More adversting campaign in China here