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In marketing, keep one step ahead to achieve your goals quickly. Some helpful tips for your 2016 resolutions.


  1. Take Care of Your Content

Having quality content is essential for every company in any sector. Why is content so important? Content is what will develop your brand by providing more information to your customers and potential customers. It is in this content that you built your trust, develop your brand image but also the content shows your expertise.
It cannot be stressed enough regarding the content…

This year, the Content Marketing Institute showed in a study that 86% of B2B organizations have a content marketing strategy. Which illustrates our remarks on the importance of conten t;). Hoping that these numbers will encourage more and more companies have not yet taken initiatives on their content, it is time to invest in a strategy with a qualitative content otherwise you could jeopardize your business!


Quality content also has the advantage of boosting your ranking on search engines but especially your content reflects the image of your brand and what perception customers may have on you. Some figures to convince you if you’re not yet:

  • 80% of people prefer to have information on a company in articles than in an advertising campaign.
    • 90% of consumers find that the contents are useful and 78% believe that companies with quality content can create a real relationship of trust with customers.
    • 58% of consumers believe that companies that produce videos with content are more reliable.
    • 71% of consumers say that a video leaves a positive impression of the company
    Moreover, the cost of content marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing strategies the “outbound marketing”. Statistics show that content marketing costs 62% less per customer suggestion that outbound marketing.


  1. Optimize your SEO , Baidu has changed !

SEO China
To boost your SEO, you have to pay attention to visual content of your website. Google has recently made updates and offers premium quality content according to keywords optimization. Search engines use a SERP (search engine results page), a ranking to judge whether the information is good on the page, how long visitors stay on the page ( “Dwell Time”), and also to see how often users click on the rest of the site.
More visuel content is clean more the user will stay on your web page and adding advantages of keywords, descriptions for better SEO strategy. Moreover, we note that the SEO strategy evolves with the way users use search engines. Users know more about doing research, more complex than just simple keywords.
Boosting your SEO will also improve your inbound marketing strategy. You will no longer invade customers with advertising, you open him a way and facilitate the task for him. There is no question of convincing him to buy your product, the customer will come by himself when he is ready to buy your product.


  1. Adaptation to Mobile Format

Mobile application China

It has now become imperative to adapt its website at Mobile format. Particularly in China, where 630 million people connected are mostly connected from their smartphone. The new generation born in the digital age is always accompanied by a smartphone or tablet, so it is necessary to invest in the mobile format. 87% of people have admitted never be without their phone, the smartphone is part of the daily life of each of us. Many users say that still too many sites are not really suitable for mobile use which reduces the chances of these sites to be visited.
Many users do their shopping directly on their Smartphone, or do research on products, promotions online. It is therefore essential to ensure not to lose these internet sales due to improper site Mobile format.
These 3 strategies will be used to generate in the future probably incredible results but we must first focus on strategies that are already providing results. We will present three essential strategies in the world of Digital Marketing today.


The End of cheesy websites


Marketing Digital, it is essential to have a website with a visual aesthetic, pleasing and easy to use. It became crucial for the image of your brand. According to a research made by Google, the first impression of a web page is done in a snap (50 milliseconds). The appearance of a website will define the brand perception through the eyes of the user. A site with a sleek design will be seen by the user as a reliable site, trust and on the contrary if the site is poor, the user will probably leave the page and turn to a competitor.
It is now possible to create a modern website with few resources or expertise in coding. There are many tools like pre-made templates from WordPress or Joomla and online storefronts such as Shopify or Squarespace. It is therefore no question of neglecting the website pretext that we do not have time or budget.
In this competition for the best website possible, companies rely heavily on photos, videos to raise awareness among customers but also to maintain them as long as possible on the site.

Chinese Companies starts to Invest in their Design leader in independant travellers forums

Qyer Leader in beauty news

PC lady


  1. Focus on social networks

Wechat Marketing

Having a neat content goes with being active on social networks. Indeed, these days it is rare not to have an active presence on social networks. But be aware to use social networking to your advantage. It is not about creating and sharing information with simple, cheap ways but know how to differentiate and interact the most with its customers. Social networks are not a place to promote but rather show that we are listening to the customer.
Take the example of Airbnb. Airbnb is a global community of guests from around the world offering travelers a place to stay in a friendly atmosphere and a unique experience.

Airbnb soon became popular with over 25 million visitors, reservations are made almost every 2 seconds on the site. Its popularity comes from word of mouth of many passionate travelers. Airbnb has managed to bring a discussion to an online world. With personal and touching experiences that each shared, Airbnb has managed to humanize and win the trust of all. On the accounts of social networks Airbnb, travelers can share their time, experiences, tips for everyone which really added value for future clients.

Weibo Airbnb super attractive !


In addition, social networks can serve as customer service. By providing a quick response to the client shows the involvement of the brand and a satisfied customer is likely to return and also recommend the brand to his relatives.
Regardless of the size of the company, listen to customers must be instantly. For example, Nike has a very good customer service. The brand is guaranteed to be as active as possible on social networks to respond quickly to the needs of its customers.


Customization and interaction

Wechat Brands must learn to customize the shopping experience for each customer. It is about keeping in touch with the client without invading his personal space.

With new technology and the use of many social networks, it is now easy to find personal information of anyone online. When speaking of personal data, people can be very reluctant so companies must find the right balance for playing on personal identity but without going too far.
The brand must show that it pays attention to every customer, every interaction it has with a customer or potential customer must be useful for the future. The brand must be sure to target the individual needs to sell more.

A company can create a profile of customers by collecting information from past clients, asking clients to subscribe to the newsletter, doing promotions … By creating profiles, it can better target its customers and thus offer them personalized offers, encouraging them to continue their shopping experience, loyalty by sending them news on products of interest to clients. For example, when you buy a product at Sephora, a few months later you can receive an email from them reminding you that your cream is almost finished and it’s time to renew!
It’s very important to show customers that they are not anonymous but different consumers and valued individuals.

Video is the futur !

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