The “Phoenix Towers,”

The “Phoenix Towers,” a project of two giant towers designed to fight against the smog that has been validated to be built in Wuhan, in China.

The last design of the English architecture cabinet Chetwoods, should come out of the ground in  Wuhan in four to five years. The highest of the two ” Phoenix Towers ” should be 1km high. This should relegate 828 meters high Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai to the world’s second highest building position. According to the architects of the project, the height of the Phoenix Towers is essential to their functionality.

This project is impressive, not only because of its height but also because of the importance given to green energies. The towers should be able to purify the smog Wuhan by using solar, wind and hydrogen energy.

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The two towers symbolize the phoenix as it is designed in Chinese mythology, represented by two birds of the opposite sex. The male tower, the tallest one, will host apartments in its lower part. While the upper part of the tower, heated by the sun will make cool air circulate through the system in the manner of a “thermal chimney”. The female will host shops and restaurants. The architects also thought about integrating a vertical garden to the Phoenix Towers so that it collects rainwater for recycling.

Purify the air

The project should come in one of Wuhan’s largest lakes. So that in addition to purifying the air, the towers will also clean up the lake’s water.

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Work is expected to begin running in 2015 and last for at least three years, but you can already imagine the tremendous environmental and tourism benefits to Wuhan and its region.

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