Alexia Michel explains to us what is the special Event of VECOOS “Light Up Your 5 Senses” and answers to 3 questions.


Describe your Event please

They are Talented Young Designers, they run Innovative, Handcraft, Eco-Friendly brands, their food is crazy and first of all they have a CRAZY positive vibe! oThey Wait for you this Sat. @ Cafe Sambal from 3 pm to late. This event is FREE and we hope to see you all there



This event is the very first of a long set with the objective to dare new experiences fitting the expectations of Lifestyle people, firstly here in Shanghai. “Lifestyle” is such a mainstream concept by the way (!). By lifestyle people we mean people who care about sustainability, who want more distinctive, unusual but authentic and funny experiences.

And we are these people like all the designers of this event “Light Up Your 5 Senses”.

The objective is to officially launch our set of events, share what we do, who is VECOOS but most importantly is to meet our pairs and promote the talented community of creative people, this explosive melting pot that we have around us.


From a more business stand point, we pair online and offline experiences together to make sure that VECOOS impacts in a positive way the daily life of its users.


VECOOS goes far and beyond borders: we don’t want to speak about “markets” but people. Through the values, services, experiences that we propose and will start (so far via Wechat, via a mobile app soon) we will go where the aspirational customer is, where people who want a sustainable lifestyle oriented are.

We start with Shanghai, Paris and NYC and we are proud to be Chinese first !


At this event, designers from the 5 continents will be here and they all live in Shanghai.

We think nothing more natural, universal than our 5 senses!

After all, it’s about 5 continents, 5 senses, 1,000 combinations to feel something and 1 universal way to share a good moment and good vibes together.


It’s our way to say: “Light Up Your Moment” !



Sure. They are 19 designers, they play with all kinds of materials, fabrics, shapes, colors, food, ingredients…in a unique way! By the way they have recorded a small video for you, check it out:


Most of them are really involved with eco-design and / or are eco-designers. They are all talented and full of passion for what they do! Their designs come from an explosive mix of cultures, inspirations, personal values and they want more than everything share their unique creations, innovative devices, delightful recipes, natural cosmetics with you on Saturday.


They are: Joyce Wang, Line & Bear, Ma P’tite Culotte, RE-KINDLED, AL Beik, Le Mini Macaron, Make By Art, Happy Buddha, NOMATCH, Tree-LABS, Painting City, Croque Monsieur, lalu, ATA, Sinfully Sweets, Depth Coffee, Les Petites Shanghaiennes & Frau ANA.

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