360 is a giant of Chinese Internet, start with antivirus and create a lot of diferent services.

A viral video became very popular on the net.

A Chinese Girl tells a thrilling story which explains that  her  and her boyfriend recover stolen an iPhone with 360.

Keywords: “asking price”, “midnight”, “undercover”, “delivery”

They not only get back the phone, but also caught the thief, a thriller which can be compared to Hong Kong gangster film.


This video was produced and distributed by WEIPAI App, and spontaneously shared by netizens in the mobile weibo and wechat.

360 viral videos

Beauty straight forward whims and vivid tell the story. 360 mobile guards with anti-theft feature and Inner honey recovered the phone’s story is a perfect combination.


Marketing China

However, female netizens have complained: the premise is that you need to have a boyfriend who can jailbreak the phone!


What do you think of this video ?