It’s not a secret, a lot of product are counterfeits in China. Counterfeits product become an industry and represent over 10% of the annual production in China. Nearly one of two products bought on internet are fake. What do people do when they saw that they bought a fake product?

They do nothing

A trend in China is to buy products of every kind, from food to luxury products, on internet on the big websites like Taobao or Tmall. But e-commerce has dark side: half of the products bought are fake. Tencent Tech news conducted a survey that shows that 40,3% of those who accidentally bought a counterfeit product online will do nothing. More, they will come back to the same site and buy another product! Only 32,2% complained to the site and get their money back and 16% complained but they didn’t get anything in return. This can be explained by the fact that there is so many counterfeits products that it will too many time to complain each time we get a fake product. Some people just don’t want to complain because it’s not a big problem for them or more simply because they don’t know what to do.



On the same survey another question was asked: does the number of counterfeit product decrease or increase? Unsurprisingly, 53% of the respondents think that there is more and more counterfeit products against only 9,3% that think it’s in down, and 27,1% think that it didn’t change. In fact the technology is improving and so are the counterfeits products that are better and better done year after year.

58,2% of the people that bought that counterfeit products say they were manipulated by the reviews and the ratings on the store. About the shopping dissatisfaction counterfeits products represents 49,3% whereas 28,9% are because of bad products descriptions and 23,3% because of bad post-purchase service.


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