China is certainly a land of opportunities for many industries leading many foreign companies directly to china. However, the traditional media being blocked in China, these businesses face challenge to embrace the local Internet. The most famous being Baidu, the Chinese king of search engine or as people’s love to call in the west the Chinese Google. We have already introduced Baidu in many post as there is a lot to say and if you are not quite familiar with it yet, we strongly suggest you to take a look at our Baidu Guide before reading this post. Indeed today we are introducing 5 advanced tips to get more leads from your Baidu PPC ads. Let’s get into our 5 tips to increase leads generation on your website.

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1- Emphasize your results

In many ways Baidu PPC ads are similar to Google Adwords and the differences you will face mainly results from chinese internet users behavior and how you should optimize your ads to fit this behavior.

That is no secret but optimizing your landing page is key. Your landing page need to be clear and in a proper Chinese mandarin.

It is very important that you display results on this page as it will push your visitors to take action.  You may already have find out but Chinese business man are results oriented and numbers speaks by themselves better than a long presentation how you operate.

To wrap it up Answer these questions:

  • what are your services?
  • How good are you at it?
  • Where to contact you?


2- Form Submission

The same way you will do it on google, a submission form on your website should be a central part of your marketing strategy in China. That is an easy way for a prospect to contact you and for you to gather information.

These form can take various forms: a contact form  to fill or downloadable file such as white book, catalogue, quote request.

When setting up your Baidu Ad set up your thank you page as the landing page. It will allows you to check the volume of submitted forms as well as the keyword  that lead visitors to submit it.

There is however a difference between China and the west link to people’s behavior. Peoples in China, especially traditional B2B business man are going to expect a chat directly with you. Therefore it is necessary to add a phone number or QQ number section in your form.

Leads Generation Contact us Form


3- Phone number

Emailing is not a thing in China. In fact most co-worker and business communicate via QQ or Wechat. Consequently, emailing a prospect is not the more efficient way to transform it into a lead.

As we just say, communication via phone call and face to face is still the way to go for a lot of chinese business man.

Therefore, indicating your company phone number on your ad is also a most. Baidu offers an incoming call option to B2B entrepreneurs. It is in fact a common practice in China. It allows someone that have been looking for a products to contact you directly and get fast answer to his question. Keep in mind that in china everything goes fast and everything needs to be done fast. If you are able to promptly help a prospect it will be in your favor as it pushes to take immediate action.

Unfortunately on desktop, you can’t record the call coming from this function  on the baidu analytics platform. We strongly suggest you to record the information that lead to this call (keyword-inquiries etc)

The phone functions is more developed with a CTA (call to action) via a call extension that can be easily tracked into baidu analytics. The CTA is  inviting people to call you to get more information

Live Chat China Lead Generation

4- Live chat: Baidu Shangqiao

Which bring us to this 3rd point: live chat. You need to be available at all time to answers question. The idea is that users can easily reach someone’s from your company after clicking on your ad and landing on your website.

Tool such as Baidu Shangqiao are easy to use and perfectly do the job. It is worth noticing that this extension is quite common and will not bother your visitor as it is part of their internet landscape.

This can be used as live chat and contact form as it users will have to fill few information to engage the chat. It allows you to collect information 24h/7.

Baidu Lixianbao is another extension that can be used for when you are offline. Someone will leave its phone numbers expecting you to call back when your are open. You will be charged based on the length of the call. Again this tool can be embedded in the landing page so it is visible to all customers but it is free for customer.


5- XunKe a Conversion tool Extension

Baidu Call and Xunke lead generation

Baidu also have a conversion extension named Xunke that basically allows you to insert a form directly into your ad.

A standard form will be suggested, it contains space for name, phone numbers and email address. Different forms for different industries exists allowing you to choose the most appropriate one. For instance a manufacturing company can create a drop down menu displaying its different category.

In the same way the phone call extension make it very easy to track data, Xunke will show you the keywords used as well as the exact time of submission. Valuable data to optimize your ads especially with an algorithm that is more based on bidding than relevance.



To sum up

Baidu CCP is certainly familiar to google Adwords in certain aspect but has successfully evolved to answers the best to its users demands. It would be a shame not to use this tools at your advantages. Well done, it can quickly  increase your leads and collect valuable information that will help you with optimizing your campaigns and transform your traffic into a more qualified one as well as decrease your costs.






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