Here are the 5 articles of the month you have to read.

Here are the 5 articles of the month you have to read.


Social Media Networks in China: the Guide

China has blocked most of the common social network that we know such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube… So where do Chinese go to socialize ? If you have never been to China or don’t speak Chinese, it isn’t always easy to find them and more especially use them.

Between QQ, WeChat, Youku, Weibo, etc. We don’t know which way to turn anymore ! This article will help you to understand which ones are the most important, the one you need to be and for what are they use.


Baidu The SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Guide

China doesn’t have Google since the government banned it 10 years ago. So what do they have ? They have Baidu ! With 80% of the search engine market share of the country, it is the essential tool if you want to sell your product online. Unfortunately, Baidu doesn’t work like Google. They are things you should avoid to do and to optimize your ranking and the approch are different.

What are the differences between Google and Baidu ? What are the decisive factor to gain popularity on Baidu ? What should you do to have more visibility on this capricious search engine ? If you want explanations, you will find them here.


e-Tourism is increasing rapidly in China

With over 100 million Chinese tourists last year and twice as many predicted for 2020, those visitors are very popular in the world. They spent over a 100 billion dollars in 2012 and the trend is far from stopping. Now that there are 600 million Chinese netizens, e-tourism has started to leave the nest. Website and application (such as Ctrip) are making a name for themselves and the sector is booming right now.

How should you operate to catch this wave ? What do Chinese search online to plan their holidays, how do they like to travel and where ? You will find all the answer in this article.



9 things to understand before starting a SEO/SEM campaign on Baidu

To increase your ranking on the Chinese Internet, one solution : a SEO or SEM campaign. It will optimize your website and give you more visibility. However, SEO or SEM on Baidu or Google are not the same. There are things you need to know and you have to decide which strategy is the best for your company and the product you want to sell.

To help you  choose the best solution and make you understand how a SEO or SEM campaign works on Baidu, you can follow our 9 advices here.


Why Chinese people prefer Taobao than your ecommerce websites?

On the 600 million Chinese that are connected online, 350 million of them bought at least one product on-line last year. It is a huge market with so many potential ! But it is not brand’s website that win the most, it is on-line shopping platform such as Tmall, Taobao, They made billions of euro every year and it is increasing drastically.

Why those platform are attracting more customers that brand’s website ? What make a difference for Chinese customers during their purchasing ? Why do we advise you to open an account on those type of platform ? Every answer will be given here.

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