Social Media marketing is popular for small and medium businesses because of its low cost, target customer pinpointing and effective customer interactions. Many large-scale businesses have also started to try this new way of marketing, wishing to acquire decent results.

Here are five most-recognized strategies of Social Media marketing:


Create Activities Open for Participation

It is proved that the more a person has been involved into an activity, the more deeply he will remember it. Therefore, to create an activity and encourage the public to participate is a very effective way of branding. The forms include games, luck draws, comments leaving, etc. A good activity could generate great spread through the social networks of the public and benefits greatly for the brand. Below is an example: Auby Baby Toy: Hit a golden egg

The golden egg hitting game is quite common these days but the most successful and widely spread example must be this Auby’s H5 one. All the steps are the same, knock the egg to try the luck to win a prize; if you miss it you could share the H5 on the Moment and gain another chance of hitting. However, just by such a simple brainless game, this brand has gained a few thousands of registers one WeChat in a very short timing.


Build Relationship with Customers

The attachment of the customers to the brand is the advantage that Social Media could develop and manage during the marketing process. No matter emotional or material relations, a good attachment level comes from direct contacting, fast responding, service and support following up and feedback implementing. The use of social media will open a channel that helps to build an effective relationship between the customers and the brand.

Xiao Mi no doubt is one of the brands that have been largely benefited by customers’ relationship building through Social Media channels. Its well-known mode is a circle: starting from potential users’ community management – getting requests and involvement, then Beta testing among the users – implementing the requests and needs, followed by mass production, then once the products are sold the customers will be connected with each other to enlarge the community and bring in more feedbacks; since the customers are greatly involved into the whole process of product developing, marketing and selling, a deep understanding and attachment with the brand is created from the beginning. It is said that Xiao Mi has a big group of community management executives whose daily job are responding to the customers and potential customers among various social media platforms. This enables the brand to sustain the relationship with the public and thus maintain a decent brand acceptance.



Produce and Spread Buzz

The Internet Era is an age of information explosion. Thanks to the unrestricted and convenient connection and channels built by various Social Media platforms, people are well connected and able to spread the buzz considerably in a very shot time and create powerful effects. If the buzz is integrated skillfully by the brand information or advertisement, the marketing benefits are dramatic.

Here is one example: Rebecca

The photo on left has to be one of the widest spread photos among Chinese in 2015 – Fan Bingbing and Li Chen released their relationship to the public with a simple but sweet word – Us. While most of people are focusing on their sweet relationship and exclaiming about the spread speed of Internet, some others have noticed that Fan has done a perfect advertisement integration into this photo – the Rebecca wig that she is representing suits perfectly well with her face.

We have to admit that ‘pro is pro’, even a personal update could be made into an influential brand promotion to be spread largely among the public.

PS : Rebecca is a Japanese Brand, but the way is 100% Chinese.


Develop More Attractive Marketing Forms

Developers are able to build more interesting marketing materials on the modern Social Media platforms. Below are two impressive examples:

Victoria Secret has really taken the advantage of the mobile touch screen! They have released a cool H5 from their WeChat official account to preheat their Valentine’s Day promotions: the first page of the H5 is a blurred photo, when you rub the screen with your finger a sexy VS model will show out. After the model’s photo you will get the brand brief then are the special promotion packs.image007

New techs have made interaction so easy but also so interesting for everyone.

Burberry’s WeChat campaign ‘From London to Shanghai’ has brought us an experience full of literature and art but also rich enough to interact with.

The users need to start the experience by shaking the phone, and then they will be brought into London’s foggy morning – you could rub out the fog in the screen, once it is done you could touch the London river in the image and rippling it – it will then bring you on a journey to the destiny Shanghai. The integration of a few popular techs has made this H5 one of the most sharable stuff on WeChat.




Release New Product to Public

Aimage010t its peak of popularity, Weibo is very powerful in pre-marketing and momentum creating for a new brand or product. The public get attracted at or prior to the launch and pay a great attention and follow-ups if the pre-launch was well made through Social Medias. This usually generates good sales result when the product is released. Below are two examples:

Baidu has released a so-called ‘Magic Lamp Searching’ on Baidu Mobile. It showed that with the required accessories, the latest Baidu Mobile could present the search results by a Holographic Laser Projection in front of the users. The video of this news has been showed on the major video websites and diffused via social medias considerably in a very short time. Even till now, media has still been following the progress of this project and creating lots of buzz about it.


WeChat starts to push feed advertisement on Moment. Three brands’ advertisements have been selected – BMW, Vivo (the Chinese mobile phone brand) and Coke. The interesting part and also the biggest reason of the success for this launch is that each receiver has only received one among these three different advertisements – based on WeChat intelligent analysis of each person’s WeChat using style and history: this has made a very interesting result, everyone was showing on that day the ads that WeChat has chosen to send to them, making it a such comparable instance to make fun of each other. The most popular sentence during that time was: the longest distance between us is ‘WeChat has chosen BWM for you but Coke Cola for me’.



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