Today we have a quite a bit of eye-candy for you with 5 Chinese brands design :

 5 local brands with original packaging designs

Dumplings : Taoyuan dumpling.

Combining the brand logo with a dumpling shape is great for improving the brand image and makes it more easily for consumers to recognise the brand products


Taoyuan Dumplings Taoyuan dumpling 2


Jiapintang :

Food company. This food packaging is in pink which is highly unusual for that sort of wares. This should easily catch the attention of the customers

Jiapintang product




This products’ target customers are children. The packaging adds cartoon image, along with the development of children’s food markets  the cartoon design of food can have more impact.


Calendar designs

Calendar3 Calendar2 Calendar 4 Calendar 1

Here are a few calendar design combining Chinese traditional elements such as bamboo and calligraphy

Calendar counter designs



cosmetics counter 3 cosmetics counter 4 Cosmetics counter1 cosmetics counter2

  • Red can attract people’s attention since it is a “good” colour in China.
  • People can touch product directly.
  • They have enough space to provide customer

For these to really attract Chinese customers you need to have a proper digital strategy

  • Digital tools to attract Chinese female customers are here
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