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In 2013 The American economy growth rate was 2.5% and Europe economy growth rate was a small 0.3% (Trading economy). Meanwhile, China enjoyed a 7.7% growth rate.

Even though some say it is a slowdown, it is still a lot more than most of the western countries if not all of them.

Besides, the per capita never ceases to increase, its population is over 1.3 billion amongst which you can find more than 1 million millionaires.


SEO-China questionChina is the most world’s most important emerging market.

Therefore this is where the opportunities are. The problem is that this big emerging market is also one of the most difficult to understand for most people. Cultural differences, language barrier and failure to identify the right tools to reach your customers are some of the cause of those failures.

There are more than 600 million Chinese connected pretty much 24hours/7 on the web looking for goods to buy and experience to share with their friends. Chinese customers are THE netizens, why? That is simply because their opening to the outside world matched the entry of Internet in Mainland China. This explains why internet in China has one of the highest penetration rates in the world.

Internet is part of Chinese people life. When you are in China, especially in the top tier cities in the subway or in a bus you see most people looking at their phone, web browsing or watching streamed movies or listening to online music.

How could your brand benefit from that?

Since Internet is more and more the Chinese way of life you need to reach them using the right way.


How do you do that?


You will see below the 10 steps to make sure your brand attracts Chinese customers.

First as said before it is most the utmost importance to be where they will see you:

With 80% market share in the Chinese search engine market Baidu is indisputably the leader.

Moreover, this Chinese giant has developed so many features so much that it is no longer possible to just say it is a search engine. See it more like a gateways to the Chinese market that can help you increase your visibility.

Before going any further in this article remember this: Google is out of the picture, the Chinese government censors everything it doesn’t like and there are basic rules to follow. To know more about them before going any further you can go there

Here below are 10 key points you should pay attention to when you do Baidu SEO if you want to have a good, smooth start.

digital China

1 All content must be in Mandarin Chinese

It may seem like an obvious statement but your content must be written in Mandarin Chinese. Baidu prefers Mandarin-written websites over other websites and so do Chinese. Therefore this step will help both your traffic and your SEO


2. Baidu is part of the censorship in China

If you want to even appear on Baidu you have to avoid publishing or linking your website to others publishing such content. Censorship is so strict in China that you should find information about what to avoid publishing just to be on the safe side.


SEO China3. Backlinks, the more the better

Baidu pay a lot more attention to the number of back links than their quality. However as a precaution you should try as much as possible to link your website to trusted and high quality websites. This is especially true since it seems that the Chinese portal appears to have a policy more and more similar to Google, in several aspects like anti-spam measures.

4. Pay attention to your  anchor  texts

Last trend among the search engines: the Anchor texts. Should your web pages include targeted keywords in simplified Chinese, you will make it easier for the Baidu crawling system which in turn means that your website will be better ranked. An important step here is to use tools such as back link analysis and link popularity in order to assess your progress in your link building campaign.

5. Content-wise be unique and original.

Baidu is harsh when it discovers duplicate or plagiarized content. In order to avoid that you should use Duplicate Content or WSA Spider tools to remove any duplicate content of your website.

6. A dedicated website for Chinese in China.

As written above, Baidu is at the top when talking about Chinese Search Engine market. A successful SEO campaign has to use Baidu. What does it mean for you? If you want to have a boost in your SEO/SEM campaign, have your website hosted in China.


7 A blend of SEM and SEO: social media agency china - analyse

For an efficient marketing campaign you have to have a mix of SEO and SEM to lead a most efficient Baidu SEO marketing campaign. So you have to go for Baidu paid search network, Baidu Phoenix Nest PPC, as well as SEO.



8. Efficient link building campaign

Link building is a challenging and requires a lot of careful steps to be taken. Baidu gives bonus to web pages having outbound links to Chinese hosted websites with established authority such as Weibo, Taobao, Tmall that the leader in Chinese Social Networks (Go here for more information about Chinese Social Networks). The Backlink Hunter tool can help you with that


9. Webpage optimization

Google and Baidu are very much alike on that. They both take into account relevant title tags. In addition Baidu pays great attention to meta description, keywords heading and alt tags. Once again, if you want to amount to something in China use simplified Chinese and no pinyin. Keyword Analyser and Web SEP Analysis are your best friends here to make sure you have a well optimized website content


10. Where you are and your name matter

Local hosting on Chinese SEO is a must. When you try to optimize your website there is only one choice you have to make between .cn or . These two are the only ones taken into consideration by Baidu.

As we can see here numerous parameters, like in webpage optimization, anti spam algorythm are more and more akin to what Google do.

How long before the two search engines are only different in name?


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