Since a few years, China has an impressive economic growth (two-digit growth for a long time) and despite a little slow down, China is the second economic power in the worlds, with 18 million couples living with more than 12000 euros of annual incomes, and more than 26000 euros for 4 million of them.

So, China is a promising and inescapable market in many sectors. The country offers significant opportunities, and it’s then important to know the stakes about some products :


  • Drones :


Drones are little flying machines remote-controlled, and that allows to take photos and videos with a camera. This apparel that was uses by the army in the beginning seduces more and more individual customers, and some e-commerce companies like Amazon are thinking about using them to deliver their customers.

Intel, the american electronic company has even invest 60 million dollars in Yuneec, a chinese company specialized in drones, and Ehang has specialized too in the little flying machines.

So drones market in growing up and experts expect a market of 8 billion dollars for next year. An increasing figure, knowing that in 2014 drones sells have double up.


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  • 3D printers :


The market of 3D printing in China also knows an important growth. So, this market which represents more than 700 million dollars on 2014 with an annual growth of 40% that should exceed 3 billion dollars in 2018. Besides, this growth is sustained by the state who is favorable to it, and its goal is to boost the development of this technology and its integration in the key sectors of the economy. China wish to equip 400000 schooles with 3D printers by 2016. find the last news about 3D printing on this blog

  • Smartwatches :


These little connected watches represented by flagship products like the Gear of Samsung and the I Watch of Apple, and who have been well welcomed by the general public, and their sells have explode with more than 17 million unities in the world this year. The boom of sales begin to concern China that was till now less equipped with like not more than 500000 unities selled, that is waiting for more than 5 million sells for next year. For that, she can rely on its big national actors : Xiaomi, Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei, or Haier to equip itself bu also on foreign companies who wants to establish in China where opportunities are very interesting.

  • Air purifiers :


These apparels are very appreciated in China where population suffers of the pollution, their sells have increase, being 4-fold increase in some months, and that, despite of prices that can reach average income in China. Philips has sells more than one million unites during last years.

  • Water purifiers :

The market of water purifiers incredibly developed in China, with many foreign brands that established, more precisely Japanese et corean companies like Quan Lu or Angel, leaning on KOL’s. This website will explain to you the water situation in China.


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