You want to developp your Business in China ? Really ? So the first thing that you have to know is identify and understand your Chinese Competitors. You will get a lot of information of what is suitable for the Market and where to positionate yourself.

5 things that you will know from a competition survey !

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1-Getting prices right and competitive.


Studying our rates offered by the competition allows you to set the best price for your product / service. You can then adopt different strategies regarding the level of price: more expensive than your local competitors to advance the quality of your offer or rather cheaper to attract customers ?

You know the price, you know how to positionate your services/products


2. Define a different positioning for your company and your offer.


If you would like to focu on “customers” Chinese or foreign customers, why do like all your competitors and risk as well, you drown in the mass?

You win often offer a unique positioning in the market … Without making it too well and you discredit from customers. Sometimes make a simple touch of originality may allow you to present a highly differentiated positioning in the market.

And so win with Chinese customers!


3. “why should Chinese choose your product / service over another? “.


What will you do if you do not know exactly what to say? Observe competition can bring you a wealth of valuable items that will help you build a strong and compelling argument in favor of your company.

A through benchmark is not a waste of time as it will in many cases the element that will allow you to reach new Chinese clients.


4. Propose a product / service better than your competitors.


There are no secrets, which attracts customers and sales leads is the quality of the proposed offer. Knowledgeable of the products / services of competitors allows you to define the improvements that are possible to surprise the binding by a higher level of supply and, thus, of loyalty. Yourself, at the same price, do you prefer to buy the best product offered?

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5. To defend his project against investors.


Any investor that needs the reassurance and that explains why he risks nothing-and everything to gain, by investing in your project in China you should understand the market and the competition logic no ?

To do this, show these business men you have mastered the offer proposed by the competition and that through this you are able to sell a product / service that has everything to successfully penetrate the competitive Chinese market.


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