It’s so common to see more international companies taking the leap and entering the Chinese market through Chinese platforms, especially WeChat. However, their lack of understanding when it comes to this platform makes their efforts futile. Assuming that you know what this platform is about, let’s take a look at why it isn’t working for you.

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WeChat Marketing


Currently, there are 5 common ways for international businesses to do marketing and advertising on WeChat.

  • Wechat Public Account registered as a foreign company
  • Wechat Public Account registered through agencies in China
  • Feed Advertising with WeChat Public Account
  • Advertorials with local WeChat media accounts
  • Displaying banners on local WeChat media accounts

Wechat Public Account registered as a foreign company

Tencent, the developer of WeChat, divides its business clients into two groups:

  •  Businesses official identity registered in China.
  • Businesses WITHOUT an official identity registered in China.

If you register your WeChat account business as a foreign company, your followers can ONLY be the users registered outside China. In other words, users now living in Canada but who registered the accounts before they came here are blocked to follow your account. By limiting your potential subscribers, you limit those that have access to your content.

WeChat Public Account registered through agencies in China

Many businesses outside China now are using WeChat through agencies in China to make them available to all WeChat users. It gives these businesses the privileges to use all features of WeChat. However, when tracking posts and comments on certain accounts, almost all of these accounts have more than 15% of followers not living in their target markets. Messages to the wrong target cannot bring returns on your investment.

There are more than 3.5 million public accounts active on WeChat and the numbers are rapidly growing. Don’t expect 10,000+ views of each of your posts unless you have grown a great number of followers and they actively share your every post.

Feed advertising on WeChat Moments

WeChat offers feed advertising services to businesses with public accounts. However, it sets a high bar for advertisers, especially for foreign businesses. You can only target on users who:
– have logged in on WeChat in a country on a specific day
– have logged in on WeChat in a country in the past week
There is also a minimum spending ranging from 10 000RMB- 50 000RMB. WeChat only offers Pay-by-CPM because of concerns on the accuracy and then click-through rate.
Take note that the feed ads are always placed on the fifth post. This causes two problems:
– Users may not see the ads if they don’t scroll down.
– Ads will not be shown to the users if his/her friends don’t update their status frequently.

Advertorials with local WeChat media accounts

Many advertisers pay media accounts on WeChat to write articles and push to their subscribers. Media accounts claim to have tens of thousands subscribers in the region. But on average, your articles have less than 3,000 views.

Display banners on local WeChat media accounts

The initial cost of display banners on these WeChat media may seem small but you have to buy from 10 insertions. If it is not effective, you cannot cancel it.
If you want to promote the traffics to your landing page, you cannot simply add a call-to-action button. You have to generate a QR code and add them to your key visual.

If you have been using this platform but have not been seeing any real results, these are the reasons why. Your company needs a team that understands this market, the platform and can create tangible results.

How we can help you?


Our advice

– Keep Content Focused on Your Specific Niche
– Establish yourself as a native expert in your area
– Provide completely unique insights/offers that are only available from your account.
– Consider HTML5 content formatting for a far superior user experience
– Quality content equates to shares on ‘moments feeds’. Nothing is more powerful than P2P sharing amongst social groups.

Our Team

We are French and Chinese team ready help you develop your business in China. We understand the needs and habits of Chinese consumers. We also understand your brands’ difficulties when trying to enter the Chinese market. By having both a native and foreign team at your disposal, you have the advantage of having people that only understand you, but a team that understands Chinese people and knows how to make the system work for you.

– We are Tencent Official Partner
– +6years of WeChat experience
– WeChat content & formatting specialists
– In-depth reporting & analytics
– We manage all projects in-house

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