WeChat is a wonderful tool for communication and marketing for brands in China. You can develop your online reputation, engage customers, organize sales… It is a tool that can offer opportunities that go beyond your goals, yet we must learn to use it wisely and strategically.

So we will discuss in this section 5 reasons that could transform your communication on We chat in check:


  • Wechat is not only a sales tool

You should not only use WeChat as a way to sell your products. The application provides visual content and sharing tools. It is therefore important for a brand to create a qualitative content through its official account. This will increase the share ratio of your account in the different circles of friends who are following your account, which will have more impact on Chinese consumers as if it was you who had shared!


  • Integrate an Online/Offline logic

With the creation of your official account you now have a QR code. Think smart, think Offline to Online. It would be a mistake on your part not to use the full potential that resides in your QR code in China! It is useful everywhere to pay for the taxi, restaurant, add a new friend on WeChat… So you have a vested interest to adapt yourself to this trend by developing a multichannel strategy with your QR code so you start an Offline to Online strategy.

 Starbucks sur WeChat

  • Authenticate your account

In the country where the culture of counterfeiting is dominating you need to authenticate your account. And yes, there are not only pairs of shoes, clothes and spirits which are false in China. There are countless of WeChat fake accounts on the networks. Your client must have confidence in your brand, and especially understand that it is a brand of quality, you must then have a ‘verified’ logo next to your ID.


  • Adapt your WeChat account to your service

First, on one hand, you will need to make a responsive website. There will logically links on your WeChat account which will redirects to your official website. Your website should definitely fit the mobile consumer. A site that is not responsive increase the bounce rate and decrease the quality of the customer experience.

On the other hand, the first goal will be to keep the consumer on the WeChat account and to do so it is important to adapt your WeChat account to the services you offer (e.g China Merchants Bank offers a genuine experience on WeChat account. Customers can check their bank balance from the application, play games, and search the nearest bank branches).


  • Personalization is the Keyword

Using a WeChat account when you’re a brand should not remain at the rank of basic. It is not enough to simply broadcast quality content, images, information … you have to actually customize your account.

Set up custom menus, in the form of buttons that will include links, or presentation of each product of your brand. However, you cannot customize your WeChat menus if your account hasn’t been verified first!

You now know why your strategy is failing, you need now to readapt this to operate a successful strategy through WeChat.

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