5 SEO(search Engine Optimisation) tips for Baidu

Google might have an all pervasive effect in the cyber world, but in China, this leading search engine has taken a backseat. Although not fully “banned”, only a few number of internet users resort to Google and the rest use Baidu. As per the statistics , Baidu was accounted for 78.6% of market shares from the total revenue of 9.38 billion Yuan (about 1.52 USD), whereas Google lags behind 14.2%. So it’s quite obvious that business (online or offline) operating in China need to make significant efforts to be at the top of the Baidu’s result page. Hence, it’s too crucial for you to adopt effective SEO strategies to see your business (online or offline) at the top of the Baidu’s result page. Without an apt strategy, you might lose on many potential opportunities.

But, when it comes to SEO, be it in Baidu or Google, even the best of strategaies often fail toreap fruits of success. So, here we have come up with five amazing tips right from the experts’ bag which will certainly help you rule the Baidu’s result page. Here’s a sneak peak:


1.     Get Local names for your Domain

This is certainly one of the most important parts every business should take care . When you are operating your business from China, quite obviously most of your client’s will be from that country only. So, your business/domain name has to be something with which your potential clients can relate. And, what can be more authentic than a local name? Domains like .com.cn, or .cn are the per fect choice. Local hosting, on the other hand will increase the loading speed.

2.     Resort to local language

As mentioned earlier, you need to do something with which the viewers can relate. Using Chinese language in your content and URL is the best way. If your content in written in English already, translate it into Chinese. Keywords in the local language also brings you higher place in Baidu.

3.     Focus on SEO Attributes

As far as the analyzing and ranking of the web pages are concerned, Google and Baidu follow the same strategy. Just the priorities are different. Unlike Google, Baidu gives extra emphasis on optimizing meta data, alt tags, heading tags, speed and navigation, and most importantly inbound links ( backlinks as Google).

4.     A Big “NO” to Duplicate Content

This is true for both Google and Baidu. Howevera, the latter is more strict when it comes to duplicate content issues. A best way is to use robots.txt to indicate the pages with duplicate content that can’t be indexed. Recently, Baidu is giving more focus on rel=”canonical” tag to deal with this duplicate canonical issues.

5.     Structural Simplicity

This is what sets a good website apart from the lot. In fact, Baidu does not follow the links of the pages buried deep down in the website’s hierarchy. Silo linking structure, used for proper organizing of the internal linking structure is also important to get higher ranks in Baidu. It helps you to check if the pages are indexed.

So, whatare you waiting for? Get your website optimized for Baidu and start getting potential leads now.

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