In China, the Internet has become part of everyday Chinese. Indeed, they are now addicted to the web and modern technology. They are about 650 million have access to internet and spend 25 hours per week with one third on Chinese social networks.

Chinese spend on average 25 hours per week on social networks

Internet is the most effective and most profitable for your business in China. Since it is now possible to perform online transactions, it is more interesting for a brand to establish its reputation on the web. China is now one of the countries of interest to foreign brands; This is especially due to its spectacular economic growth of around 7%, and the high number of Chinese Internet users. Indeed, China is ahead of many countries in this area. Of these 650 million Internet users, nearly half day making purchases online, with a strong taste for imported products including luxury brands

Penetrate the Chinese market through social networks

social media Chine

China is a potential market for the brands, however, it is not easy to penetrate this market as the Chinese Web does not work the same way in the West. Search engines used by Chinese have nothing to do with Google especially at the SEO strategies websites. It would be better to have a site that speaks Mandarin for his place on Chinese search engines.

Being visible on the web is not enough to attract the attention of Chinese consumers. Given that the Chinese spend more time on social networks, so be on the most popular networks. It is a must for any brand wishing to make the most of sales in China. In fact, Chinese consumers judge the quality of a product through the comments and opinions posted by other users on social networks; so if a brand is not present on these networks or has poor rating, it will have almost no chance to sell a single article on the Chinese market.

Brand image is crucial in China

In short, a brand should look after his image on Chinese painting is capital in this country where Internet users rely more on advice from other users rather than the quality of items itself. A product bearing the initial of great known brand certainly meet the quality criteria required by the standard consumers but in China, this is not always the case. In this country, everything works in a different way, this is something that companies are inserting into the Chinese market will need to keep in mind.

If you are a foreign company wishing to enter the Chinese market you need fieldworkers able to put in place an effective digital strategy taking into account the specificities of the market.

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