Advertising its product in China is not an easy job. Though the Chinese market is huge with a growing population looking for new products, there are opportunities but therefore a lot of competitors.

Advertising competition is fierce with all brands trying to get the best advertisement, the most original but also reaching the target customer and being kept in mind by them.

Today we introduce some advertising campaign launched a few years ago and some others very recent, which I believe were successful because original and easy to be memorized but also because they also reach their target customers.


1. Vancl 凡客

The first one is the Chinese brand of young style clothes, Vancl (凡客 “Fan Ke”). Though it has been always in the Chinese market, it has become very famous few years ago with the launch of its large advertising campaign starring many young celebrities; which among all the most famous was the Chinese blogger Han Han 韩寒. For both, the brand and Han Han, it has been a great collaboration as the advertisement message was matching Han Han style, taking into account his passion for racing and writing. The next collaboration of Han Han with Nescafe was much less successful…

Official website

You can watch the advertisement below, starring Han Han. You can also find on the internet the other celebrities starring in this campaign.

If you cannot watch it here, you can also watch here.

The target customer for this brand is the young Chinese, teenagers but also students, usually urban with education.  For such customers, the choice of having celebrities like Han Han is a perfect match. Han Han is a blogger, known also for having published several books where he criticizes the society and its sins through stories. His background is also special, bad at math in a country where it is a basic requirement but with an outstanding level in literature, he has made his own way. And so became a model for a new generation of Chinese.

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2. Lining 李宁

The lining is a Chinese brand of sports shoes, competing with all big players like Nike and Addidas. Through the past years, it has increased a lot its quality and also marketing strategies. With an average price lower than big international brands, it is a quite famous brand among teenagers and students. And one reason for such awareness is from the nice advertising campaign, usually starring national sports celebrities and foreigners, with a motto “Anything is possible”(In Chinese一切皆有可能Yi Qie Jie You Ke Neng).

You can watch one of their campaigns in below video.

If the player doesn’t work, you can directly watch it here

Official brand website here


3. Yida 益达

Yida 益达 is a Chinese chewing-gum brand. It is so far the leader of China, with a huge distribution, almost available everywhere and with a lot of different flavors. One reason for such successful situation is coming from its advertising campaign started already a few years ago and still going on. It is very well done, with celebrities, a story and the product playing an essential role in it. Details such as the background music with originally old Shanghainese music was part of the success making easily memorized by viewers. With a love story between two beautiful young persons and their daily life, it reaches the young generation very well.

You can watch here the last episode, recently released.

If the player doesn’t work, you can directly watch it on Youku here.

Brand official Weibo account here


4. KFC 肯德基

KFC is quite successful in China, at least better than its competitor Mc Donalds. One key success in KFC marketing is its ability to reach exactly what the Chinese were expecting about fast food. And also in their marketing campaign, the target customers for KFC are clearly identified. The recent advertising campaigns are clearly showing a growing interest in the brand for the students, traditionally not very wealthy but also looking for quick meals and a trendy place.

The recent advertising campaign starring basketball superstar Jeremy Lin林书豪 Lin Shu Hao demonstrates very well this focus on students as a particular segment.

You can watch the video as below.

If the player doesn’t work, you can directly watch it here.


5. Darlie 黑人牙膏

Darlie (黑人牙膏 Hei Ren Ya Gao) is a Chinese toothpaste brand, partly owned by Colgate, very popular in China. It has a big range of products and usually based its concept on the herbal flavor of its toothpaste. But one reason for its successful business is coming from its big marketing campaigns on TV and online, usually starring a typical Chinese family with a son and his two parents. In all of them, the kid plays the main part of the advertisement, in order to indirectly target its parents, the target customers. You can watch an advertisement here:

If the player doesn’t work, you can watch it directly here.



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