Chinese typography, layout and adverts are some elements to keep in mind when you are creating a Chinese website.

There are some important elements that you should know before design a Chinese website.

China is a booming market, therefore foreign companies desire to have presence in this growing market to increase their number of customers and therefore their revenues.


To reach Chinese consumers, businesses have to create websites in China and adapt it to them. With this purpose it’s important to understand Chinese netizens behaviors in order to design the right site for their necessities.

Chinese typography:

The Chinese script contains more than 40.000 characters, however to have an acceptable level of literacy is only necessary be able to read around 2.000 of those ideographs. The Chinese characters are divided into strokes but the number of them can vary between 1 and 60 strokes. Chinese is a complicated language to read due the difficulty of its typography.

In order to guarantee the visibility of Chinese characters in websites, it is indispensable use a font at least 12 px because there is no space between the characters.



Chinese websites divide the area available into many smaller cells or content blocks in order to improve the readability, because of that, each line is shorter and easier to understand.

In addition, in China it is very common to increase the space between lines and utilize font colors with less saturation and contrast in the websites.


Chinese websites have a big number of links, however Chinese users don’t like this system.

According to website designer this excessive amount of links is a solution to the difficulty of writing in Chine through alphabet-based keyboard. That’s why, web pages are designed for clicking instead searching.


Nonetheless, this affirmation doesn’t make sense because Chinese people use “pinyin” to typing the Chinese characters through the keyboard and even have shortcuts. Because of that, writing is fast and easy and even could be faster than write in other languages.

The link system is not comfortable for netizens because they can be lost due to the exaggerated quantity of content and links. To avoid this issue, they utilize the search box and skip the home page.

New websites have to try to avoid this system because it makes things more complicated for the user.


A particularity of Chinese websites is that links open other new windows in order to satisfy their browsing necessities such as have other window to look while they are waiting to the load of the other one.


This is due to the slow internet connection speed in China. Nevertheless, Internet companies in china are working to increase the connection speed and therefore Chinese netizen’s browsing behavior will change and it will avoid this habit


Nowadays, many sites are using flash adverts for different reasons but the main reason is increase their revenue. Marketers know that the certain way to catch the user’s attention to ads is through flash adverts.

The excessive use of flash adverts will involve a bad user experience because that is not what Chinese consumers want.

To avoid ads, Chinese netizens have a security tool called 360 safeguard to filter and skip ads.

However this trend is starting to change and there are more simple sites without flash and adverts.


Chinese users care about the features, usability and user experience of the site not about how the site’s layout looks. Despite they dislike of busy webpages, they have no choice because all companies have a similar layout.

However, if you want to create a new website in China, make it simple and clear because that is what Chinese users want.


Companies seeking to create Chinese versions of their webpages have to take into account the Chinese design trends to build sites which meeting the users expectations.

If you want to understand the Chinese internet users, don’t hesitate to contact us, we can help you with your marketing strategy.



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