Once more we get the chance to analyse 5 brand designs


Yimiyoucha  Product Packaging





Tea is one of China’s most reputed good. Brough back in Europe around the 17th century by Portuguese trader, Chinese people have been cultivating Camellia Sinensis, the tea plant, for generations. A wide range of quality and variety exists and is always very much appreciated by Chinese people. Some of the best tea can be very expensive to buy. With tea being an Art in China it is not surprising to find new designs to give more prestige to something that is part of the Chinese culture. The design is simple, as tea is and yet easily appreciated by customers with its colors and shape.

Panggeliang Brand design






Here is a packaging for a Chinese food brand. Simplicity and elegance are again of use here with an elephant-ish design that symbolizes the way to narrow the distance between the consumer and the brand. While most brand would go for sophisticated this one chose to stick with a very symbolic message about closeness between consumer and company, something that matters a lot in China.

Yan Zhou Fu.

This brand focuses on organic organic food. 




Yanzhoufu2 Yanzhoufu1

Given that such a food is deemed rather expensive by most Chinese people this sophisticated package (especially the first one) gives this impression that the fish was just pulled out of the river and you bought something that had been made moments ago. The smiling fisherman with his net and so on display clearly this message. It is a clever message especially for fish based dishes that are sold in cities that are quite far inland. It tones down the fact that these were probably made days before they were made.


High technology brand : Fishbone technology

Fishbone2 Fishbone1

This logo is for a technology firm that wants to insist on its high technology aspect by using a metallic design. In addition it plays with the fish and its numerous meanings. Indeed did you know that in Chinese culture the fish has a very specific meaning :

  • A fish means abundance. The implied meaning for Chinese would be that this company is very creative on a technological level.
  • A fish, if it’s a carp express power because according to legend it can become a dragon.

Which fish it is, is left to interpretation, one thing is sure though :

They want to clearly show to Chinese customers that they are a very dynamic high tech company by using this logo.

Lip gloss brand : Bourjois



This design for a lip gloss brand wants to express a very particular message using two key elements :

First the young lady surrounded by flashy lights says right away who are their core customers : the young women.

Now let’s take a look at the color, purple :

In Chinese culture purple expresses spiritual, mental and physical well-being, a very positive message for women who need to express dynamism and style.


Let’s conclude

This week the fashion brand designs all clearly played on references to Chinese culture such as colors, characters, legends or shapes. This is a way of positioning yourselves onto a specific segment of your potential customers. Indeed a minority of people in Europe would understand the meanings behing the fish unless they have studied Chinese culture or have ties with China.