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Booming of the cross border e-commerce market

There has been a booming of cross border e-commerce market in China.

In 2016, the expected estimated would probably reach about 1, 2 trillion dollars. According to the research center of commerce in China, the number of cross border online shoppers in China is expected to reach 35.6 million in 2018!

This is only the beginning of a widespread phenomenon!


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Importance of social media to connect with Chinese Clients

Social media in the field of luxury in China is the indispensable key to take in consideration. If you want to succeed in the luxury sector, it is essential to know how to connecte and how to catch the attention of your potential consumers.

Coach: The reference among luxury brands. How does Coach succeed it?



 The brand has succeed to identify and understand the Chinese social networks and what are the Chinese consumer’s expectations. It has been able to optimize the content of its publications on WeChat.

Coach has chosen as brand ambassadress, the popular actress Angela Baby to promote his bag in China.

However Coach does not only plays the card of a unreachable or an overpriced brand. Coach is offering a large range of bags adapted to an everyday life and for all consumers’ tastes.

Look at this Video just amazing… the Coach experience in New York 

how Chinese tourists buy in New York, how to connect the luxury experience with the Digital

Coach CHina



Tiffany & Co

tiffany co

Unlike Coach, Tiffany & Co is close to the consumers by trying to involve him directly to its WeChat contents.

To give an example, the brand has introduced an article on WeChat called “Her, Is That You?” on July 2015. The “Her” was referred to an ambitious and brave woman who runs the streets of the city of New York. By browsing the content page of Wechat, we also discovered the GIF that have been incorporated.

The brand tries to catch up the attention of its reader by letting him discover its own world.

 Video: A very effective tool for Branding

Regarding the luxury sector, the video is an essential tool to increase the brand awareness.

Why use wonderfull video?

In the luxury sector, you have to play on the image, the quality of the staging and above all you have to tell a story to your consumers through the video. The power of luxury is to successfully attract and seducing a lot of consumers through video.

The power of video is also to convey immediately the brand message to your customer.

In this video, the message is clear enough, the lady is telling us a story through the album, images and photos. She leads us to her feelings from the Gucci fragrance: tranquility and cheerfulness.

High Quality Search Content Strategy

Chinese cunsumers will spend more than 4hours before to decide to buy a luxury goods… It is very important for Luxury Brand to have a good Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing(quality backlinks content ) .. It will increase the Ranking of the Websites, of the brands and will play a bigger role in strategic luxury brand marketing:

Your Search Engine strategy should

  • target more
  • personalized message
  • Need to be married with social media strategy
  • Are tightly bound with mobile marketing (Chinese Rich people use mobile)
  • Are being combined with storytelling (because Chinese love beautifull stories)

 Mobile Marketing and Wechat 

Chinese use wechat a lot… You already know that. Wechat is the center of every mobil strategy in China in 2015 and for 2016.

  1. You need to create a unique Wechat Experience.
  2. Nice wechat account, personalized
  3. Provide good information
  4. Nice story
  5. Good multimedia Content, Video, photos.

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And connect your Wechat to your shops. Because wechat will be the bridge between your sales team and your consumer. It will help to increase the loyalty of your customers and encourage the prospect to come back.


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