What you need to now about ebusiness and SEO in China… Well Chinese are hyper connected and use Internet a lot, and they want to know information, want to know more about a company or think about buying a product, they will use Search Engine. In China, western Search Engine like Google are blocked, and Chinese Search Engine.

Baidu is the leader…

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Tips for SEO in China…


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1 Still Prefer SEO on Baidu

There are many search engines in China, but Baidu is the most famous among them all. Baidu is the first Chinese website. Therefor, companies must be able to take their share on this website. Their referencing on China’s biggest search engine must be very good to ensure more customers.

Baidu has its own way of SEO in China: very often, its other websites such as Baidu Zhidao, Baidu Baike, Baidu Tieba.. Get a good referencing on the main page.

SEo in China

40% of the search are based on mobile… so Mobile SEO in China is important

2/ The content must be important for SEO in China (not like before) 

Unique, long, qualitative…

To have a good referencing on China’s search engines, you must have an important mount of content. New publications and updated information have a key-role in referencing.

The big difference between Google and Baidu is that the Chinese search engine does not punish copy-pasting. Therefor, you can add a lot of content to your website, even if it has been published already. The Chinese leitmotiv is quantity rather than quality.

You also need to use many keywords in order to get a better Ranking.

More information here… 

3. Avoid c**nsure (basic about SEO in China) 


The golden rule is to never criticize the Chinese government. If ever it happens, you may receive a bad referencing or you can even be blacklisted.

There is a list of censured words. You must know them in order to avoid bad surprises. 

Your wording need to avoid any sensitive Topic.
Never forget that in China you are…

Why? click on this link to understand

4. The homepage

The homepage must be full of information but must also include many backlinks.

In general, the most popular websites offer many information but also a very furnished homepage. It is a common practice on Chinese web.

Check this website https://www.sogou.com/

5. A good backlinks Campaign : 70% of the work of SEO in China

Backlinks are very popular on Chinese search engines. Adding links onto some websites allows a random website to be nicely placed on search engines.

The webmaster can also share these links on different social networks. A nicely written and furnished article can be quoted by other websites or famous people, which will improve the natural referencing of the website. Check this article… 

6. Site hosting

The website must never be hosted on a shared server. This kind of server means that only one IP address can host many websites of many clients. If the IP is noticed for an illegal use, Chinese government can suspend it, which will block the website hosted on the same server.

Moreover, hosting the website directly in China is a real advantage. Indeed, Baidu, the leader of Chinese search engines, will give a better viewing to websites which are hosted in China than to those which are hosted abroad.

7. Referencing tags

In the same way than on Google, you must not ignore tags on Baidu. These referencing tags allow websites to integrate the first choices of search engines.


  • The Title Tag

A great article must have a catchy title. You also need a good first sentence to detail the article’s content.

  • The Description Tag

Every page of the website must have a description of its content.

  • The Keyword Tag

You must include keywords linked to the page’s activity and content. Then, the referencing will be much more efficient. Indeed, robots compare the key words to the title of the page and to its description to establish some links between them.

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