A 72-years-old model Got Popular in China


Is the world of modeling changing? Put those stars rising from rumors aside for a while, the new Chinese fashion icon is Liu Xianping!

Liu Xian Ping

Recently the online  clothing brand Yuekou break the codes of fashion with its new collection with a model aged 72!
The new brand sells wear for Chinese adolescents. The shopper owner, also the granddaughter of the grandpa model tired her model a lot of colors and accessories very “girly” socks with ruffles, leather bags, necklaces, jewelery … The contrast between the cute style and the old model makes it funny and popular online in China. Some Chinese sites even  compare him with “Karl Lagerfeld” .

Liu Xian Ping and Karl Lagerfeld

The old man is actually the grandfather of the shop owner whose brand is called “Yuekou”.  When his granddaughter asked him to be the model for her brand, the old man said yes immediately without a second thought. He has tried different styles, colors and accessories to show the trend of the brand. The photo shooting began as a “fun” and finally turns into a communication campaign of Yuekou.

The campaign is warmly welcomed by Chinese netizens which has been reflected in its sales. As the shop owner, his granddaughter, Miss Lv said, their sales has increased 5 times since her grandpa’s photo published.