SEO/SEM campaign on Baidu in China !


SEO ismay be difficult for Western companies in China because of the different Internet lanscape/environment. Many people think they are SEO’s experts but for Baidu they are not.

Most of developers do not care about SEO, some integrators also … and besides all this, there is the customer who does not necessarily understand everything!

When you are talking to a customer, you must absolutely have a simple speech from the beginning to the end and explain the 9 fundamental points because all customers are asking more or less the same question.

SEO in China

1. The SEO sometimes takes time

We had a “customer” who, a week after the signature, was looking for results. It is difficult to explain that SEO and positioning of their website takes time. We barely made the keyword research and mapping pages and start working on the SEO content. SEO is not like a switch that you can turn on. There is lots of research to do. At the beginning of your career, the hardest part will be to understand exactly the expectations of your client. It does not know and will not know how to explain in a simple way.

2. Need to “correct the website»

The site is not broken, why do we have to fix it? SEO has on page and off page criteria factors. Concerning the on page factors, lots of websites have a bad level of codes. Il will be hard to explain the problem to your customer. But this should not be the biggest problem. It should also define who will make the changes, or if there are additional fees for changes, which can freak customers and may even give the impression that there are hidden charges. Be clear from the beginning. You must announce that customers will have to modify the source code of the website, but with tact. Once this is done, you have to know who will make the changes: The customer? The designer? The referrer?


3. Main keywords should be on the page

Some clients want to be positioned on keywords that are not even on their pages. There is no secret; you must explain to them that will it be almost impossible without the presence of keywords in the page. So the conclusion is that it must speak of their work with the chosen keywords.

4. Be geo-localized

The customer who wants his website comes out in all cities, and around Baidu, whether in universal search or geo-location must be geo localized. You must verify that the client is present on its geographical area.

5. Get links everywhere

Some customers will tell you exactly where to find the links, where to buy etc.

However, relevance and trust are the key elements. A good product (or service) with quality content and that creates buzz is very important. The content will be shared on the Internet thanks to the help on the Internet active users. This is still one of the best ways to get links. The customer should be aware that link building is not as easy as it sounds. It’s really easy to get tons of links, but it is not so easy to get links that have a significant effect on the ranking.


6. Your favorite keyword cannot be choosen most of the time

Some customers are so obsessed with a specific keyword, it becomes THE word to watch, and for them it is the measure of success. In such cases, it is useless to try to explain to the customer that we should not focus on a single keyword.



7. Be No.1 of the Baidu ranking does not always mean “having a lot of sales “

Now that you ‘ve done SEO, and that the customer is number 1 of the rankings for keywords “target”, the customer comes to you and says that SEO does not work. I have little/no sales! Seasonal demand, the uptime of the site, poorly designed landing pages, lower click through rates in the SERPs, usability issues and more are the main reasons.

8. I want to fight … with a competitor

When you are a “new player”, and you are competing with the “giants”, it is quite possible to beat them on the field of SEO. But the client must be aware of what it takes to beat them. If the customer has a 5 page website in which there is no content, while their competitors “giants” have a suite of sites, an active forum, a blog, large communities in social networks and that they know how to create the excitement, even outside of search engines…. If your client does not intend to improve the site and content, he should understand that this is a very ambitious project even impossible.

9. Wants a big “PR on Baidu.”

There are still people who swear by Baidu PR as a measure of success. A PR campaign regroups all the actions and activities aimed at creating and maintaining relationships with various journalists whose media seem potentially favorable in terms of audience. In general, they are managed inside or outside the company, which will be responsible for writing press releases and press kits.

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