A Chinese Iron Man against urinary diseases

In this article I will introduce a new commercial for the pharmaceutical brand Kang Zhi Ba laboratory belonging to Guangzhou Bai Yun Shan Pharmaceutical. This advertisement is trying to take advantage of  the current releasing of Iron Man 3 in theaters.


iron man 3

A copy of Iron man ?

The 15-second TV spot is featuring a hero who is a “copy” of the Super Hero Iron Man (representing drug) who is destroying enemies (symbolizing germs and bacteria) that plagued a family.

Some antibiotic drugs produced under the brand Ba Zhi Kang.




Norfloxacin capsules which are the ones promoted by the TV spot are used for urinary disorders: gonorrhea, prostatitis, intestinal infections, typhoid fever etc..

Norfloxacin capsules

iron man 4

The video already has 75,000 views on Youku:


Source: Chinasmack.com

I found this very Chinese advertising rather funny even if poorly realized and it made me think about the pieces of art made by the Italian artist Roberto Vergi Santos who realized a geek’s dream: Comics’ Super Heroes as brand ambassadors for Super Brands .


But here it’s more an inspiration than a copy…

The creative idea: what if superheroes were sponsored by super brands ?

Iron Man Mc Donald’s


Iron Man Mac Donald

Flash Red Bull



Batman Nike


batman nike

Coca Avengers



Silver Surfer Apple




Captain America Coca Cola


cap am

Superman Armani



Superman Louis Vuitton



Hulk Monster




Of course these pieces of art are not real advertisements, but the idea was very interesting. I wonder when such posters could be made with Chinese brands: Batman Li Ning instead of Nike Batman, Superman Shanghai Tang instead of Superman  Armani or Iron Man Panda Express instead of Iron Man Mc Donald.

Li Ning: China’s Nike


li ning


Shanghai Tang: Chinese Armani


shanghai tang


Panda Express: Chinese Mac Donald


panda express


But I have some doubts regarding the fact that such posters with Chinese brands could make the same effect. For that I think that the ”Made in China” still has a long way in order to gain more international recognition. What do you think ?

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