A Funny Adversing by Jinshan Battery Doctor



This display campaign is from the smartphone batterie brand  “Battery Doctor Jinshan”. It perfectly captures the post 80’s and 90’s Chinese  by reflecting new way of life and how they can get mad if their phone goes dead while they are travelling.

This campaign is made of two posters featured by a yuppie and a student as shown above. They are trapped in two transparent box, isolated from the rest of the world. The “yuppie”  is in the middle of a crowd where young couples are walking together calmly. And the young student is in a midst of a carnival.

Since Chinese people now are using mobile phone everywhere, or say, young Chinese can’t live without mobile phone, they use mobile to communicate on Weibo, Weixin the endurancy of battery becomes one of the most important concern for the mobile buyers. And these two posters poke them at the point.

This Jinshan Doctor publicity battery is a good example of marketing using anxiety to sell products. Indeed this advertising sounds like a warning to avoid finding yourself stuck while everyone has fun. Without a smartphone in China you feel lost and isolated from any social life.

These posters may have been inspired by Munch’s famous painting titled “the scream” to describe the feeling of anxiety.