The China-US application that wants social and sports

The Tinder for athletes




Having an exercise buddy can help you enjoy your workouts more, which in turn helps to ensure that you do get bored Having a partner to compete or help you push yourself harder, or help you notice you make mistakes that could lead to injury. Exercise – like almost everything, really – is best with a friend.

Your friends in real life are often not interested in your business. For example if you are a runner, you can not really be friends with our training a boxer. And yoga enthusiast will not get much on a partnership with someone who burns his calories by bike. So how do you find a workout buddy is nearby and shares your interests? This start-up has created Jaha the same name as the start-up.

Jaha is a startup based in Hong Kong with an application for the Tinder sportifs la comparison is relevant. Like tinder, the application will automatically find users in your area. As Tinder, it will allow you to navigate through them slide right over the person who interests you. But of course, in Jaha you are not supposed to slip on a person by his physique. You choose according to your interests.


In your own profile, you can select the fitness activities of interest You will also be prompted to enter a few more details.

Once you find someone who shares your interests and you’ve both slipped right on the other, Jaha opens. It has some features statistics, tracking so you can share the results of the workout, challenge each other, and access to top the rankings, but it also allows chat so you can make an appointment Get some real year of life (or what you would like to do).


Birth of the application


The start-up is based in Hong Kong

The co-founder Gary said “We wanted to do a fitness band, in fact, it started like this,” he later said “We wanted a cross between social and sport by adding features.” The fact of adding friends, to chat on the same centers of common interest in particular sports.

Expansion of the application

Backed by Chinese investors, Jaha has raised an investment fund of 1 million dollars from GSR Ventures – Jaha was launched in the US in July. Very soon the application to gain its audience With GPS geolocation and counting step without the need for any additional hardware, Jaha is well suited to be a sports partner and social being.

“The first three months have enabled the collection of data,” said Gary, who added that the company would put more features. Jaha but do not want to merely be limited to the US market. The start-up has recently launched the application in Hong Kong enjoying events such as marathons and organizing O2O type events. This marketing is very established in Asia and particularly in China.

Jaha but not looking as Hong Kong. He wants to expand in China and will develop the application in traditional Chinese and Cantonese. The founders want to sell in China, but the Chinese are buying very few paid apps. The solution is put advertising and integrated in-app purchases.

Taiwan and Singapore also as targets for Jaha. Taiwan home each year good numbers marathons. Very good springboard for the launched application.

Garay said, “But before going further into the application, we would like a little extra investment fund, to improve the user interface.

Gary said, “compared to the competitor, the assembly of the application and makes the social function rather unique application.”




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