What are the social media strategies that can be implemented to reach the Chinese consumer?


The brand / consumer relationship


Knowing that a Chinese netizen follows on average 8-10 brands accounts on social networks, it is clear that it attaches particular importance to brands in terms of presence in the Chinese digital media.

Moreover, Chinese Internet users are increasingly educated, and give more credit to the qualitative content than to the quantitative content. So how can the brand create a real connection with the customer and promote loyalty through its communication?

Work on emotions


Social Medias support are a perfect way to develop content with real value. It is easy for the brand to play on emotion through the message that will be transmitted and the Chinese consumer is receptive to this.

For example, when it comes to an important purchasing as, the next holidays, or buying expensive luxury goods, Chinese Internet users will use social networks for information with the advices and recommendations of other Internet users. This is why a brand must create a trustful relationship with the consumers through its communication in order to win its customers’ loyalty.

To do so you have to build a strong strategy to create valuable brand content.


The story-telling method will therefore emerge as an obvious solution to this challenge. The purpose of this technique, will be to tell a story to the consumer, in order to share the brand’s most important values (Values that you should have carefully chose before and made sure it matches your targeted audience).
The brand will be able to develop this strategy by using all the digital Medias available and create a real ecosystem. So the campaign will begin for example on the website through an advert and will be then declined to Weibo or Qzone, or through the creation of applications. This will select a muse (famous or not) to personify the brand so that consumers can identify with the character and define a scenario. All these ways will be designed to trigger an emotion in the consumer’s mind and as said before to create a connection between the user and the brand.


Develop a story-telling strategy also aims to stand out from the competition. The brand can communicate with a profitable product/brand relationship that allows it to be placed on a “niche market” in the midst of thousands of Chinese’ “lambda” advertisings “. We no longer sells a single product but a state of mind!

Key Opinion Leaders, a Master Strategy


Chinese consumers are very sensitive to the opinions of other users about the products or services of a brand. Thus a strategy using opinion leaders is a good way to reach the core target and especially to develop the brand image among different consumers. Brands can therefore establish partnerships with actors, singers, social networks influencers to get a message more easily from a qualitative point of view and thus will directly affect the desired target.


Work on you community



The community on social networks is the most important thing. It is important to develop a love management strategy: love her community and she will love you back. You must therefore learn to know your core target in order to meet its needs, but also propose offers adapted to their expectations.

Bear in mind that different social network have different use and different positioning. Weibo is more relevant for mass information while Wechat can lead to a more qualified community, more susceptible to buying your product when you work in the luxury industry.



Reach Chinese consumers through digital Medias is vital, you need to be aware of the challenge it represent and to understand how it works

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