A Three-month Late Buzz


The story

There happened a traffic accident in August, but after three months it suddenly got popular.


This lady in the picture is the victim of the accident. Her Weibo account is “安娜830321”. She put a post around 4am, August 21 saying “好醉,还是得开回家”(I’m drunk, but I have to drive home).

Anna's last post

Anna’s last post

However, this post becomes her last word on this world. A car accident happened on her just several minutes later. And three days later, she passed away.
However, this case has been unknown for three months until a powerful account shared this post.

How it becomes viral

It’s a sad story, but it shows how powerful those cyber opinion leaders are. The buzz underwent three steps: buzz creating, key opinion leaders spread the buzz and media makes it known by everybody in the end.

1. Buzz creation
China police put a lot of efforts on drunk driving this year which makes it a topic that familiar to everybody. News about new regulation on drunk driving, celebrities put into prison for drunk driving appear on everywhere on TV, website one after another. The news makes drunk driving a household topic. And the tragedy this time is the first wide-spread drunk driving case that fell on an ordinary person. It means the content of the buzz is able to spread.
2. KOL
Before the traffic police detachment of Ning Bo, the Key Opinion Leader in traffic field,  shared this post, it has only seen by the friends of the unfortunate lady. Then the share from the Ning Bo traffic increases the comments and shares by almost one order of magnitude.

Baidu search for Anna buzz

Baidu search for Anna buzz

This chart shows the search for ”安娜830321”, the Weibo account of the lady.
From this chart, you will see that from August when the accident happened to October 31 when the police shared this post, there’s nobody search it. But after that, there have been more than 20,000 people searched for this on Baidu.

3. Media

The topic becomes so popular that media press just publishes news about it. The news reports reached its peak on the second day.