Rumor Says Abbott Milk Powder can Boost Breast Growth


Abbott baby milk powder  is now in a big big reputation crisis. Their powder was reported to cause the breast growth to a baby girl.

abbott powder breast enhancement.jpg

It started on the 12th of  March, after a father posted his story on Tianya, a popular Chinese BBS. In this post, he explained that his daughter was fed with milk from her mother for the first 4 months, then with the Abbott milk. While another month later, he discovered that his daughter’s breast swelled. And doctor diagnosed that it was caused by the milk powder. After he stopped using Abbott, her daughters sympton relieved a lot.

What makes the father unsatisfied is Abbott has never given him any result after months negotiation.

So he decided to resort to Internet.

It caused a little attention, not that much until “@Happy张江“, an influential account on weibo, or key opinion leader, shared the story. It spread wildly after being shared by  “happy张江”. Tens of thousands of people share and comment on this and millions people are caring about that. Thus, it become even on the top search list.

baidu search

The first two relevant search of “Abbott” are  Abbott precocity and Abbott  sexual precocity.

It also caused a panic from the mother who use Abbott as some of them put in comment:


Heck, I just changed brand to Abbott for my baby and finished 3 cans of it. Today I went to all the store to change Abbott, damn Abbott.


Fuck! I  AM USING IT!!! Keep the evidence! I call for immediate change!

Not all the people are angry, many of them find fun from it:


Brest enhancement product, 🙁 we lost on the starting line again


Good news for “No boob” girls, no surgery any more, Abbott is enough


As a lesson for other brands, Abbott cases shows the following three facts:

1. Chinese people really care about the safety of the food product.

2. No matter how serious the topic is,  weibo users are still fun lover.

3. Key Opinion leaders have great influence on internet.