Abercrombie and Fitch Co, a clothing retailer from New Albany, Ohio, is planning to open more than 100 new stores across China in the coming decade under its A&F and Hollister brands. According to Craig Brommers, Abercrombie’s Senior Vice-President of Marketing, “China will represent the biggest market potential for our brands. We are entering with strong brand awareness.”

abercrombie and fitch

Entering Shanghai

Last April of this year, A&F opened a new four story glass building on West Nanjing Road in Shanghai. West Nanjing Road, located in Jing’An District, is a major commercial destination in Shanghai, attracting both visitors and locals alike. The Shanghai outlet featured Abercrombie’s signature greeters, models, music, lighting, and the scent of Fierce cologne. A huge number of Chinese consumers and spectators went over to the opening of this store.

Casual luxury

Craig Brommers is confident about China because he believes that A&F will be new to the Chinese market as it is known everywhere as casual luxury, which is based on clothing style and price. A&F is targeting the Chinese middle class instead of the Chinese elite.

“Chinese consumers seem to be looking for something a little beyond just binged-out luxury logos, and we think the laid-back sophistication that A&F offers is timed right,” Brommers said.

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Hollister has been in China for a while now and sales increase at 35% for the past year, which is why the Abercrombie and Fitch Co is expecting the same strong results for their brand in the future.

E-commerce website

Abercrombie and Fitch Co is also planning to launch its very own e-commerce site for netizens of China in the later part of this year, targeting China’s booming on-line shopping scene.

Almost all markets from around the globe’s goal is to penetrate China’s on-line market scene.

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