China is changing. The international opening change the lifestyle of chinese people ans their mind. Their needs are not the same and you have to understand that. Education needs are not set aside. Chinese parents want the better for their children and today, they prefer an abroad education.

If you are an abroad school it’s time for you to improve your visibility in China.





Chinese education system is very hard. Ranking and achievement are the key words of students life. Chinese student work an average of 10 hours per day. They need to be good in all fields they study.

During more or less 9 years, they work very hard. Lot of frustration born of that education system where children have no time to share moments with family or friends, do sports or activities.

That’s why, parents and students prefer abroad school. The western education system is also very effective and generate more accomplish students which are more creative and independant thinkers.




Chinese know that today you need to speak english. It’s becoming a priority for parents. The increase of the middle class create more wealth and parents want to use it for their children. They can pay for abroad studies to ensure a good future to their kind children.

That’s why, chinese students study more and more to english-speaking countries.



Parents know that on the resume of their children, an abroad experience make the resume better. Besides, chineses want to experience western cultures. Before chinese students prefered english-speaking countries such as Australia, United-States, United-Kingdom but today, other non english-speaking countries are also appreciated like France, Italy, Spain, Germany…



After graduation in a foreign countries, students have many chance to be employed abroad. Abroad studies create a lot of new job opportunities. Students can have a better life and make more money than staying in China.



You must know that China is the biggest exporter of students in the world. A new opportunity opens for foreign schools.



You have to be a popular school if you want to attract chinese students. Chinese spend a lot of time looking on baidu to find information on their potential schools. If you are not really famous, you need to provide good information and have a very good image. Trust is important for chinese consumers.



Some destination are more appreciated by chinese students. For example, United-States is the most popular destination in the world. Why ? Because schools are the most reputated in the world if you look rankings.

Chinese parents also encourage countries where they have family because they are more reassured. Your school have to be in a safe country because China is a very safe country. People are not accustomed to have safe troubles. Parents will be not at ease to send their children to a dangerous country. That’s also why they prefer countries where they have family members.



After looking at where you are, chinese people look also your city. Some city are more popular because they have lot of very good schools. But chinese students also prefer cities with a chinese community.

America is the favorite destination of chinese students with San Fransisco, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver… They are also appreciated because of their huge chinese communitites. Parents are less stress if their children can live in chinese community. Parents are very anxious about western students which do a lot of party, drink and smoke, they want to get their children avoid this bad behavior.

But, some studients, contrary, don’t want to go in schools with a lot of chinese because they want to improve their english and to integrate a new culture.



In China, ranking is one of the most important criteria. Your school have to be in the first places of international school ranking if you want to attract chinese students.

They will search on international ranking if your school is in it, before start any procedure.



More and more chinese students study abroad because the rich population is growing up in China. The increase of the middle class generated a boom of the abroad studies. Parents want a better life for their kids. Today, they are able to pay more for better studies. They want to invest their money at the good place.

Money is not a problem. First, they look to find the best ranking school and after they thought about money question.

Besides, students are able to apply for scholarships or financial aids.

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Lot of criteria are importants for chinese parents and their kids. Find the best ranking school in a good place is the priority. You have to be clean and trust if you want to attract chinese parents, first decision-makers. Cost is not the priority, but safety yes.

You have to find the good communication way to communicate with your target. Your speech need to be clear and convincing. Chinese people are very differents than the other people in the word, you need to understand this new target. An advice : contact specialist of the chinese market to help you to promote your school in this market.


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