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We are a growing team of 75 marketers with a passion for China and digital marketing. We are 100% digital and always looking for new solutions. With 7 years of existence, we have had many satisfied customers who regularly come back to us to run their latest campaigns.

How do we advertise your brand in china?


Audit and market research

First step will be to find out where you are at in the market, what is your competition doing and the state of your project.


Complete Strategy and timeline

An efficient Marketing strategy has a business goal and is planned. We know where we are going and how.


Multi-Channel Marketing

Our agency master the different marketing tools, platforms and channels available in China.


Data reporting & analysis

Every month our project manager create a full report of the last 30 days results. Decisions are taken following these data.

We are Building Brand Reputation in China since 2012, Become our next Sucess Story.

AHA – Cosmetic Distribution in China

Inspired by Japan Culture, KiraKira Studio (the company behind AHA products) is a skincare and beauty brand that brings you the perfect beauty regimes, for healthy and beautiful skin. They were looking for an efficient distribution strategy to immediately expand their online channel in order to to drive sales and increase awareness.

Based on deep insight of Chinese cosmetics consumer behaviors, GMA utilized a specific online distribution approach to increase awareness among China e-commerce system and level-up the visibility on China top e-commerce platform – Taobao. To build up many online distributors to drive sales, as a very first but efficient strategy to enter China market.

100+ Distributors and +30% sales growth within 3 months

pb solving in 3 Easy steps

Let us know about your project, your goals for China as well as your budget, and we will create a custom strategy that will answer your needs. This strategy will be axed around 3 mains steps: creating an account, managing the account and launching successful campaigns.

China Social Media landscape is different than in the west & an unskippable step into your marketing effort in China. Chose the right Chinese Social Media for your project and set yourself apart from the competition with a great e-reputation work.

E-commerce in China is ultra developped and there is platform for every company. T-mall,, Little Red Book, Wechat, Taobao, Kaola, Pinduoduo etc. Let’s find out which one is the best fit for your profile & launch and manage your online store.

Baidu SEO, Baidu SEM, Chinese media buying, PR, Forum. Promote your brand everywhere and become the leader in your industry with a mutli-channel marketing strategy. Never miss a lead or a sale anymore because netizens could not find you on Baidu.

Migrate your website, Localize and manage your existing content if you already have a website. Design a web page or website fully optimize for the Chinese internet (Baidu SEO for instance). Complete follow-up on your website for the years following its creation.

Step 1: Project Audit

Who are your competitors? Who is your target audience? Where is your target audience looking for information? What are they looking for? Is there a demand for your services/products? What are you currents assests and weakness?

China E-reputation

Find the good channels to get more exposure: Press release, Seo, Kols, social media, blog posts… Your target audience should be able to find you wherever they are looking for information. The best way to build an e-reputation is via third parties.  Make sure peoples are talking about you and make sure what they are saying follow your editorial line.

Step 3: Branding

A strong Brand will always win against an unknown brand. Without a strong brand you can’t expect to find resellers, distributors, to land a spot on Tmall or JD or peoples to buy your products/ services. A well-known brand is synonym of safe to buy in China. It means the brand is reliable and credible therefore consumers are not scare to pay for it.

Why Hire Us for your Branding in China?

No time wasted

We assess your project and put the best suitable team on it. We agree on strategy and start working on it right away.


We are flexible and adapt strategy to everyone business. We are result driven and cost effective, there is no room for waste in our agency.

E-reputation King

We are excellent at branding and Reputation Building. We master all the channel and make the best out of them to get the best results.

Worldwide Agency

We have offices in Shanghai, Paris & Taiwan. Come visit-us or give us a phone, there will always be someone to assist you.

GMA exists Since 2012

We have been on the market for more than 7 years. The company started as a blog about China Business, and we are now 75 Marketers.

Consulting is key

Because each project is different, we come up with a custom-made strategy for each of our customers to ensure success.