The advertising campaign of Lexus CT 200h


The Lexus CT 200h is a hybrid-electric car issued in the beginning of 2011. This Chinese advertisement shows a special story with the car. There is a man who wants to escape from the pressure of his life in the city, where he works a lot.

He takes then his car to travel and go to Tibet.

This ad shows his story while he’s travelling: he meets new people, goes to special places in China, meets a group of children, go to the desert, sleep in his car, and at the end finally arrives in Lhassa. (see here about Lhassa).


This advertisement is first very beautiful, because there are special amazing images, but also because it shows beautiful places in China.

And then it’s also interesting, because it targets the generation of Chinese people born in the 70’s who are usually already married now, and have kids. They also work a lot, and so they have a lot of pressure in the family and at work. They have dreams and they like to Travel, especially inside China.



Another ad was released then with the images of the former ad put beside images of the man’s everyday life.

This video shows even more the feeling of the man driving his car, wanting to escape his stressing everyday life.



What you have to know is that this ad is based on a true story of a man who travelled from Beijing to Lhassa in 10 days. He drove 8307 km, 16 hours a day with his Lexus CT 200h, sleeping in his car and using the battery to cook.


When he posted this video last December he got million clicks.

Don’t you think it’s amazing?

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