Chinese market is very different, everyone knows that. But, lot of companies consider chinese consumer like a Western customer. In fact, like his market, chinese consumers are very different of other consumers.


Many foreign companies who move into chinese market fail because they don’t understand how advertising in china differs from their own domestic market.

You have to do some research and understand chinese consumers to earn his attention.



First of all, it’s important to know that chinese consumer is changing. Today, he is more and more connected, and he is more informed than before. The rise of travel and social media have changed drastically the chinese consumer and open his mind to other countries.

Traditional ideas about chinese consumer tend to not work anymore.

If you want to advertise in China you should understand this changing. Chinese consumer change quickly. It will affect your product so you have to be vigilant.




Do not make the mistake to think that chinese consumers always prefer foreign product because of their quality.


In the past few years it was the case. International brands have been dominated the market. It was due to the lack trust between chinese consumers and domestic producers as consequence of different scandals.


But this year, we observed a rise of consumption of domestic products. It’s strongly present in the smartphone industry. Huawei, Oppo and Viva become strong competitors of Apple and Samsung because this brands focused on advertising themselves as more affordable and better quality than the international brands.

It is just an example to show you this interesting rise. But studies suggest that today, chinese consumer think domestic products are equals to the foreign products. Domestic product become more powerful. You have to be wary off.


BERLIN, GERMANY – AUGUST 31: An employee arranges Apple iPhone cases at the at the D-Parts stand at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) 2012 consumer electronics trade fair on August 31, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. IFA 2012 is open to the public from today until September 5. (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)



However, the foreign products are always well. The China cross-border e-commerce market will continue to grow significantly.

The chinese ministry of commerce announced that cross-border e-commerce reached 6.5 trillion yuan in 2016. They also said that they plan an annual grow of 30 percent in the next few years with more than 58 million consumers buying via cross-border e-commerce.

This market will more than double by 2020. Its a very good  perspective for cross-border e-commerce.

When advertising in China, you should push this.



If there is something very new, it’s the rise of the rural consumer. Today, most of the consumers are from big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. But, growth is also present in smaller cities. Internet networks improve and social media platforms begin to integrate fully with e-commerce pay apps, rural consumers will become an important demographic.

The advertising in rural cities could not be the same as big cities. Rural consumers have different tastes in fashion and values, it will mean that advertising that works in Shanghai will not work in rural communities.

Advertising in China will need to be very versatile to answer to all the different socio-economic background.



Virtual reality is the new tool to advertise. Samsung has successfully moved into this market, but everyone thinks  that virtual reality is very expensive. It’s not true. A virtual reality advertising is less expensive than an ad campaigns. And it’s more attractive and modern.

In China, all consumers have a smartphone so it’s easy to use virtual reality. With that, you can bring your consumers in new landscapes and make their dream. It’s a very attractive tool to use for tourism agency and real estate companies.




Chinese luxury market is still booming. The purchasing power of chinese consumer increase, and they want to buy more and more luxury goods to show to their friends. They want to be part of the elite class because they can afford these type of goods.

Luxury goods is not just fashion and beauty, the luxury real estate and the luxury travel market are increasing rapidly. Chinese consumers want different things than before, brands have to adapt their approach to the consumers.

When you do your advertising in China you have to focus on how your product fits into a certain kind lifestyle. Besides, you have to build a strong position on the luxury market, because chinese consumers buy only household names.




In China, you have to Think Digital advertising before traditional Advertising Solutions

  • Use Search Engine advertising

It’s a useful technique in China. Chinese consumers do not automatically skip the ads as in others countries

That’s why you have to focus your SEA on baidu because is the Chinese best search engine. Advertising on Baidu is just like advertising on Google. You have also to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with keywords to be referenced on baidu.


Maximize Exposure with New mobil Plateform

  1. Do you hear about Little Red Book ?
  2. momo ?
  3. Toutiao ?
  4. Tantan ?

These New Mobile Application are Super “hot” in China and can be a great choice to target specific Communities.

Toutiao Advertising Example.


  • Do video advertising on the social media

A way very simple and which can bring you a lot of views.

You have to create video advertising which can be put in the apps. It’s a great way to engage consumers will often respond better to a video than a very basic picture ad campaign. You could focus your advertising on these most famous platforms such as Wechat, Weibo, Youku or Tencent.

In addition, videos are also great because they are easily shareable. Chinese people like share videos to their friends and communities


Wechat & Weibo Advertising

Social advertising is Powerful to reach specific people with specific interest. Weibo Advertising is Powerful in China and Wechat is plan to develop a New Way for brands to get better Results in 2018.


  • Maximize the power of the Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)

In China, KOL’s are very powerful. Most consumers follow hundreds of different popular people on social media, they trust them and they want to buy the same things as their favorite KOL.

KOL’s are a bit expensive, but there are a lot of KOL in China. You will find the best KOL that represent your brand for a good rate.

You need to contact specialists of the chinese market to help you boost your brand in China. Chinese consumer are changing quickly. You have to understand your target and adapt you to perform on this market.

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